He’s the (Ip) Man

Thursday, 10.21.2010

I’ve been reading Entertainment Weekly since the 9th grade (which is a lot longer time ago than you think, my friend) and when I receive it every Friday, it is the ultimate pick-me-upper.  Cover to cover, I devour every word, lock each image in my brain and hug it to sleep, a huge smile on my face. It’s a magazine that reaffirms my belief in the power of print publications and that nasty, brainless Perez Hilton does not have to be the only way I can get my fix of entertainment news.

Last week was EW’s Annual Powerful Entertainers Issue where they culminate all the cool people in the biz and make them even cooler by deeming them as cool. Yaknowwhatimsayin’?

I perused the issue, more and more saddened by each page I flipped because well, the entire issue was pretty colorless.  We’ve got a couple of Latino exports and there’s the obligatory Oprah and Mr. Smith, but besides Jackie Chan in a side mention, Asian peeps ain’t got much love.

That changed when I got to the next page and lo and behold, a feature of the Brads and Angelinas around the world!

Especially cool because it has an especially beaming head of my cousin-in-law, Donnie Yen! (At right.)

My cousin-in-law has had a busy decade, carving a superstar career out of being a respected actor, director, and fight choreographer. He also married my amazing cousin, Cissy and had two adorable babies.

Hot couple that gives vertically-challenged guys everywhere hope. (He’s actually not that short, my cuz is just pretty tall and no way in hell is she one to wear flats on the red carpet.) And you know how the saying is that, “behind every great man is a greater woman?” (There’s no saying like that? They should make that a saying.) Cissy is totally that greater woman. She’s like, the best PR, manager, arm candy, stylist, planner, counselor rolled in one.

It’s really surreal and cool seeing his face on billboards and posters in HK and on DVDs like the ones shown above advertising for Ip Man (his best movie, by far, in my opinion).

Yea, and they have cute kids too. One who is uber well-behaved and precocious and the other with just a slight mischievous twinkle that you can’t stay mad at him for long. Yea, they kinda have the life.

But I think my cousin and cousin-in-law worked hard enough for it. He’s been toughing it out in the industry for a long time and he’s definitely got talent to spare.  Watching my cousins thrive give me hope! Keep workin’, keep fightin’, keep striving.

Don’t stop ’til you get enough. And even then, keep going.

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1 Comment to “He’s the (Ip) Man”

  • Jessica October 22, 2010 at 4:37 AM

    awwww jie! i was soooo happy when i saw your email!! thats sooo cool!!! :D DDD yay for donnie ge ge and cissy jie jie!! :D DD love you jie

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