Snapshot Of My Day: Day With the Grunts

Thursday, 02.17.2011

Warning: the following the post contains extreme acts of nerviness, dorkiness, laziness and geekiness

Ah, WordPress backpage, you and I are such good friends now.

I stayed up way late last night working on something really dorky. I was trying to figure out all the nuances to making the Audrey Magazine site work as smoothly and looking as pleasing as possible. ┬áSpecifically, I had spent all afternoon creating this About Us page and when I clicked “About Us” on the bottom left of the homepage, I wanted it to be directed to the appropriate page.

It’s really amazing how much we say we don’t know about something out of fear or laziness or not trying but once we actually sit down and devote ourselves to 2..4…6..even 8 hours or learning, how much we’ll come away with knowing.

So anyway, that’s what I did. I went through the WordPress backpage and read through each and every description, learning about all the functions. The Audrey Magazine website is still confusing for me to handle but it’s a little less foreign. So yay for that. I went to sleep at 3 pleased that I had made so much progress. I purposefully turned off my phone thinking, “oh well, so what if I sleep in a little. Waking up at 10 won’t hurt me.”

But waking up at 1:30 might. The next morning noon, I was astonished to how quickly half the day can just disappear in front of your eyes. But still, I was adamant to get some things done.

That didn’t happen.

Once I went downstairs, my grandma and aunts (we’ll call them the “grunts”) were planning on going to Costco. Feeling a little guilty that I haven’t been spending as much time with them over the weeks, I decided to tag along. “It’s only going to about an hour, anyway,” my aunt assured me.

We got home 4 hours later.

Shopping with my grunts is a trying task. One which consists of standing at the same aisle for at least 20 minutes, just staring. Mulling over prices, negotiating. Some pulling, tugging, and even light chasing is involved throughout the process. (BTW it’s really cute watching my grandma run) And there are definitely item returns just when you get to the cashier. Though we may ┬ástart out with a cart full of 50 items, you can bet we’ll only go home with 10 of them.

We invaded Costco, then Target, then 99 Ranch Market. Finally, my bladder couldn’t take it anymore and only then did we finally make our way home.

I finished dinner thinking, “no worries, this is like my lunchtime right now. I’ll get what I need done tonight.”

I went into my bedroom with that mentality and two hours later…

I was cleaning out my wallet.

You know when you get into that cleaning mode where all you’re doing is rearranging some pens by your nightstand which turns into organizing your closet which turns into cleaning out your jewelry box which turns into fixing up your wallet?

Yea, I was in that mode.

I also found I had a lot of gift cards/store credits. Please remind me to use them up.

My grunts and I also got in a conversation today over flowers. My grandma kept insisting that people who like flowers (me, my second aunt) are flowery people- those who are shifty and flirty and flit about, ungrounded.

I think we just appreciate beauty!

I mean, how can you not look at that and not feel happy? It’s nature’s finest! I just thank God we are given the ability to see beauty and appreciate it. Can you imagine how rotten a world this would be if there were all this beauty around but we didn’t get granted the feelings, the senses, to appreciate it? Sad indeed!

Thus is a snapshot of my day: February 16, 2011. Happy I got to spend it with the grunts!

Oooh PS. Started to put Audrey archives up on the web. Check it out if you have a moment or two. My profiles of Joseph Vincent, Jay Chou and Aarti Sequeira are also up. Critiques and comments much appreciated!

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4 Comments to “Snapshot Of My Day: Day With the Grunts”

  • EK February 17, 2011 at 9:02 AM

    LOL nice. Thanks for keeping my fedex copy card

  • Mohamad Kazah February 17, 2011 at 6:41 PM

    Awesome post! I never knew Audrey Magazine ran on word press interesting :D I fixed the borders on your images and on your about page as well!

  • Kara (Rabbit Reporter) February 18, 2011 at 12:41 AM

    Hey there Ms. Media Maid,

    I know just what you mean about staying up late working, I “used” to remember what it was like to get a full nights rest. But, once I get into my writing mode or my studying new media mode, the hours pass in the blink of an eye. It’s the blessing/curse of being curious.

    Plus WP has so many interesting features, so I’m not surprised it took that long to read through everything. I’m going to have to dedicate some time to doing the same at my office as well, right after I finally get Final Cut Pro down.

    Hope you have a wonderful Friday. =)

  • Jessica February 18, 2011 at 9:19 PM

    AWWWW hahahaha abu called you and nema flowery! :) keep it up jie

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