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Tuesday, 10.15.2013

Kids, I’m going to teach you a neat trick about life.

You ready to listen?


Here goes.

Sometimes, life sucks. (Holy epiphany!) Sometimes, it’s the crappiest of crap (I know, I’m a genius). Sometimes, you will have to suck on a whole lot of lemons and then you don’t even get lemonade after all that but rather, you get some sort of cheap knockoff lemon spit. Sometimes, you will step in dog poop. Sometimes, you will lose someone you love or that someone you love won’t love you back. Sometimes, you’ll be so sucked into and contained into your own self absorbed world of misery that you think there’s no way out of the black hole.

There is, though. That way?

Look up.

I swear to you. Every time, it always seems to work. For some reason, looking up and staring up at the sky during my darkest moments have always given me the brightest of hope. The vastness of the sky overhead punctuated with the curly clouds (on a pretty day) or the ever-changing hue of a sunset just does something to one’s soul. Kind Xanax Dosage of settles it and wraps it up in a big hug while saying, “It’s gonna be okay.”

Staring at the sky gives you a perspective of who you are in this world. Unlike that little worm of a voice inside your head that keeps muttering over and over, “This problem is HUGE. You’ll NEVER get out of it. YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK, YOU SUCK,” staring at the sky reveals that you’re so tiny in this big big world of ours. Just an itty bitty speck. Remember those times when you were younger and letting a balloon fly into the sky, disappearing into the universe? Where does it go? Where does it end up? I’m sure there’s a scientific explanation and solution to it but the romantic in me is just going to say I don’t know.

But I do know what I see when I stare up at that sky. I see with certainty that my problems are not merely my own. Nor are they the end of the world. I see possibilities. I see hope. I see faith.

Look up. Do you see it too?


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  • Jessica Jann October 19, 2013 at 4:06 AM

    I do too..absolutely agree with that. Keep looking up! LOVE U

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