I Have Commitment Issues

Monday, 07.28.2014

I have commitment issues.

With my hairstylist.

I know we’re around that age where we should have someone that we continuously go back to and trust with our tresses but I haven’t found that special someone just yet.

I’m not sure what the reason is for my lack of committing.

I say it’s because I’m lazy but actually having a solid hairstylist I go back to time after time would save me the hassle and stress of finding a new person, worrying about their service and technical skills and having to hunt down the location of the salon.

I say it’s because I’m fickle but honestly, there have been haircuts and coloring jobs I’d received in the past which I’m perfectly super duper happy with.

I think the real reason is because I’m scared.

Not of the cut, which is fine.

But I’m scared about committing to the hairstylist as a person.

Everyone knows that a good stylist is a little bit about the technique but a lot about the chemistry. Whether you can click and get along with that stylist. Whether you can trust them with your relationship, life and work problems.

But I am extremely wary about entrusting a hairstylist with that aspect. (My hair on the other hand? Do whatever the hell you will with it) The whole idea of opening up to them, telling them about my day, my family, my friends… *shudder.

So anytime a hairstylist tells me, “Next time you come back, we’ll try that new highlighting technique,” I can’t help but think in my head, “It’s not you. It’s me.” and “This is not see you later. It really is goodbye. Forever.”

Do I want to eventually settle down with a good man and woman and live out the rest of my life with a blissful domesticity and a warm “Nice to see you back again,” everytime I re-enter the shampoo-scented salon? Sure… maybe one day.

But until then, I will let my hairstylist-selecting choices run as wild as as free as my long, untamed hair.

Oh wait… actually I just got a haircut. So scratch that.


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