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Random Days of a Shopping Editor

Monday, 09.3.2012

My life as a shopping editor is pretty random most of the time. I never know what I can expect in a day.

I could be at a fashion show cheering on my cousin and sister in a David Yurman fashion show.

Or receiving a specially signed photo book of half-naked men from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Or nibbling on pink jelly for lunch.

Or receiving yummy chocolates at the office.

Or checking out pretty ladies in pretty clothes for a fashion show luncheon.

Or stalking Jeremy Lin on assignment.

Yea. My job is pretty awesome. But don’t think I don’t know it can all be taken away in a minute. So just going to cherish and work as hard as I can while I still have it. 加油!

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Time Out Shoots

Wednesday, 08.29.2012

As my previous post indicates that I’m alive, some of the following experiences from photo shoots in Hong Kong left me nearly dead.

As I’ve mentioned before, Hong Kong works at lightning speed and people are known to do whatever it takes to GET. THINGS. DONE. So it’s not uncommon for us to pull a photo shoot out of thin air with two models, 4 looks, outdoors location out of thin air. Some notables thus far (I say that ’cause I know there will just be so much more good ones coming up!)

Sports Chic

What the heck is sports chic? My partner-in-crime Arthur and I had to figure out that exact question when we set off to shoot a sports chic look book photo shoot. This was my first shoot with the mag and I think I may have been a little overambitious itching to do two models, 4 looks, and an outdoors locations. The result came out quite well but this behind the scenes post will give you more insight as to what happened. Personally, I ended up with 54 mosquito bites that afternoon. 54! (You know of my hate/hate relationship with them pesks).

Totes vs. Backpacks

A good (or bad) thing about being an editor is you can indulge in a bit of nepotism every now and then. I try not to but I can’t help it that my sis and intern John also happened to be good-looking models! Also, Arthur and I had a bit of a banter over what’s cooler to carry around– a tote live sex chat rooms or a backpack. Tough choices, eh? Read here.

Pretty sexy, huh? You wouldn’t believe how much effort went into getting this cover shot. The model, August, is already super gorgeous and sexy and yet, hours and hours of photoshopping went into making her flawless. This was completely different from our original concept but I kind of love it. It was relevant to the subversive nature of the sex issues we were talking about and c’mon, it’s hot. I also helped contribute with this feature story on HK’s sex industry workers which was quite an adventure to compile but which I felt was a real breathe of fresh air for journalism. (Also, an issue I have a heart for.) Read here.

I gotta say, modeling is a tough job. You could be swathed in heavy coats and wool sweaters and walk around sweat-infused Causeway Bay in 5-inch platforms and have to look beautiful doing it. Luckily, these two models, Eva and Reila, were troopers as we marched about the district and all its army of crowds and shot this look book. I’m glad I started my job during the summer time where I had the face the worst the Hong Kong weather had to bring. The next few seasons should be easy peasy! (I hope I hope I hope)

These shoots would not have been possible without Arthur, Calvin the photographer extraordinaire, Ken the creative director extraordinaire, Gabbie the makeup and hair stylist extraordinaire, and our rockstar interns John, Jessie, Gloria, and YY. People, you rock.

Next up: Events

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This Is Why We Need Niche Magazines

Thursday, 02.9.2012

I was cleaning out my desk this morning and took a good, hard look at some of the recent magazines I’d received over the past few months.

Now, I love these cover ladies (Meryl and Taylor, woot woot!) but Online Blackjack I couldn’t help but think (slightly dismally) that none of them have the slightest resemblance to me! Every single one a (bottled?) blonde haired-blue/green/brown eyed chica.

This is why niche magazines like Audrey and KoreAm Journal need to exist.

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Thursday, 01.26.2012

This little white Line & Dot number did something to my heart the moment I set eyes on it. Pitter patter, pitter patter.

I wore it almost the next day after I brought it home from Audrey Magazine (perks of the job).

So cute! So girly! So clean! So classy!


My mom asked, “why are your butt pockets all weird?”

She then said aloud the same thing I was thinking in my head, “It’s on backwards.”

I wore it the right way with the bow on my back for a good 15 minutes and then decided to switch it back.

Sometimes, life is all about wearing something backwards and not giving a damn when people tell you your pockets look funny sticking to the sides of your butt.

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Look! Book

Thursday, 11.10.2011

I’m not going to even try to deny it, I am not a stylish lady.

I mean, I try. Very hard. I always make an effort to brush my hair (okay, not really), match my socks (yeah right) and avoid wearing the belly-baring tops or the thong-revealing jeans (this one is true).

There are some people where dressing well comes so effortlessly. They look like they slink out of bed decked out in cashmere and perfectly matching accessories. I know they try hard but I’m betting I would have to try even harder. My editor in chief is one of them. Actually both my editor in chiefs are really good dressers but Anna, with her model-like physique and silky black hair, looks like she steps out of the pages of Elle Magazine everyday. It’s a real-life fashion inspiration board sitting next to me!

Lately I’ve been getting semi-obsessed with this LOOKBOOK site (yeah, I know, I’m like 5 years behind) and IT IS SO ADDICTING TO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE POSE WITH PRETTY CLOTHES ON!

I think the appeal to this site is because it’s normal everyday people wearing clothes from their closet. Except they look fabulous. I sure don’t see these people walking around and posing for photos around my neighborhood.

The casual comfort this outfit exudes (not to mention that awesome tattoo) is something I always try to obtain when dressing. (Key word being try.)

So I hear color blocking is really hot this year. I know it’s just piecing outfits of different, bold solid colors together but this reminds me of high school chemistry — something I really sucked at. Pretty to look at when done right, though!

Seriously? Who walks around looking like this everyday?! Beautiful dress though. I’m loving the color, the cut, the accessories.

I had a screening to attend last week and it was my one chance to dress up. Trying to copy Inspired by the looks found on LOOKBOOK, I decided to ask my mom for something she loves to do: take pictures of me in my outfit!

Okay, so my poses are a little goofy and my outfit is pretty boring black but whatever! I will just leave the dressing and picture posing to other people and the looking to myself.

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Audrey’s Fall Cover Gal | Jenna Ushkowitz

Monday, 08.8.2011

I love my job sometimes.

Sure, there’s plenty of sitting around at my desk, my shoulders strained so hard it feels like it’s going to cave in on me and exchanging frustrating emails with catty publicists who think they own the world but sometimes, there are magical moments where we’re creating art and telling stories.

Like Audrey Mag‘s fall cover shoot with Jenna Ushkowitz. (Shown here getting all dolled up for the shoot.)

We placed Jenna in the middle of Park Plaza, in all its old Hollywood glam, dolled her up in sleek evening gowns and pearls where Diana took dreamy shots of her.

Check out the behind-the-scenes coverage and interview we got, with the help of Asian American entertainment network MYX TV. You’ll get the inside scoop on Jenna’s make-out sessions with Harry Shum, Jr. and her favorite Glee episodes.

I can’t wait to share the rest of our shots–and the magazine– with you! Audrey Magazine Fall 2011 issue hits stands early September. Purchase your copy here.

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Party for Good

Thursday, 10.7.2010

The good old terrible days when we would get trashed in our dorm rooms or wake up with a hangover from clubbing the night before is so last year. Gosh, how silly and frivolous we were back then.  Think about all those hours wasted at that crappy lounge with the loud deejay and the creepy dudes.  Think about all the calories consumed with those glasses of Jack and Coke. Yechh.

Now, there is a way. There is another way. There is a better way.

It’s called partying for good.

More and more, partying for good has become a way for young and old people to justify dancing the night away or downing that fourth shot of Patron. It’s for a good cause. And it’s fun! The truth of the matter is, people are more likely going to attend a charity event if it’s fun and more likely going to attend a party if proceeds go to support a cause. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Tonight, there’s an awesome event called The Forum happening in LA.  Started by a group of young’ns frustrated with the lack of venues for up and coming artists and musicians to perform in, The Forum is hoping to give others a place to use their space as their starting point for performances at no charge (in other words FREE/NO STRINGS) to them or any of their guest and other attendees!

I checked out tonight’s lineup and the music is pretty dang good.  

I was so looking forward to hearing these performers live tonight but I am not in the best of health so gonna take it easy.  If you’re not an old lady like me and looking for a place to chill around LA, head on over to the Grand Star Jazz Club around 9:30PM.

Part of the reason why I’m resting up is because I will be modeling for a fashion show event called “Hello Art… Meet Fashion” this Saturday night.  A charity fundraiser that’s aimed to showcase artists and designers’ works, bring funds to children’s cancer and get you feeling a little loose with some wine tastings, I would be going even if I weren’t modeling! (And that’s not because Audrey Magazine is also a sponsor.)

Friends, if you can make it out, I’d love to see your faces Saturday night.  If not, I’m sure we’ll party for good another time.

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This Too Shall Pass

Thursday, 10.7.2010

Now that it’s legitimately cold season in California (well, as cold as you can get), I’ve started to slip into my leather boots. In this picture, these kinda look like something swamp murderers might wear but I promise they’re quite stylish.

But they sure weren’t comfortable.

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I’m A Hustler, Baby

Saturday, 10.2.2010

When people ask me how I’ve been these days, I always respond that I’ve been hustlin’.  Then, I realized that I’m not even really aware of what this word hustlin’ means.  So I looked it up. Good old Urban Dictionary got my back, yO

Hustlin: Havin the ambition and drive to do everything and anything to make mad money. See hustler… Also a term used for “tryin to obtain sum booty”.

Err… not quite what I’m doing. How about the next definition?

Hustlin: hustlin’s doin whatever you gotta do to get that paper.

Okay, so I think that these days, the term hustling should be expanded. I think if you replace “money” and “paper” in those definitions with “dream,” it would be a more accurate description of what I see my friends and cousins and sister, even my dad, and I going about doing everyday.  Yes, we are still trying to make a living, but doing it the way we want to live. We’re hustling to make our dreams come true. Working hard 24/7 to do it. We don’t have everything mapped out because in this day and age, there is no clear path to get you to where you want to go. And anyway, where do you want to go?  Best to go with the flow. But keep an itinerary in mind. But stop and smell the roses. You catch my drift? (It doesn’t smell like roses, huh?)

I don’t know how everybody else is going about it, but here are snapshots of my hustle:

I spend a lot of time on my computer. I don’t usually look this clean doing it (this was for a photoshoot) but I do have to stare at my macbook a lot.  I wish I didn’t spend as much time as I do on Facebook or G-chat or Twitter or Google Reader. They give me a headache.



Monday, 09.27.2010

Just caught the first episode of the second season of Glee. Okay, some parts were good, some parts were funny, some parts were awesome. But the storyline is still sketch.  And I just wanted to see Mike Chang’s abs.

This caught my eye though. The cast sang “Empire State of Mind” wearing these:

Those shirts are so three years ago, a la Shane Billings’ awesome LCC t-shirt design.

Who wore it best?

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