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Wednesday, 04.18.2012

The past few weeks has been surprisingly a lot of fun spent decorating and cleaning our new apartment! With the help of some lovely family and friends, we got the place looking really cozy and great to stay. I wanted to share some pictures of our home.
These are not pictures of our home. This was the inspiration board I put together to get some creative juices flowing on how we wanted our place to look.

It ended up looking not much like anything in the pictures above at all! But that’s okay because this is a place we can truly call our own.

Left: A chalkboard clock kills two birds with one stone! Right: I love our white Ikea table — so good for reading the bible, writing, going online, eating, and drinking!

My hole-in-the-wall bedroom. The whole smaller space, more happiness thingis blackjack online money totally working!

My favorite detail in my room is my window, which I got to add some favorite personal touches to. I’ve always wanted some warmer colors to my rooms back at home but due to financial/parental restraints, never was able to. Now I finally get to! Yippy-Yai-Ay!

This picture of my mom, sister, and I made me laugh so hard I snorted milk out of my nose when I first saw it. Obviously frame-worthy.

Flowers are such an awesome touch to the house (these lovely buds thanks to Joel).  Other personal touches I love — quirky household items like a trashcan who winks and a sunlamp jar.

And the best part of the house? My sister as my roommate. :) It’s been too long since I’ve lived with this girl. So grateful every day I get this chance to right now. I LOVE YOU SISTERRRRRR!!!

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Home + Heart

Tuesday, 04.3.2012

Say hello to my sister’s new apartment.

{ She says Hello back }

Clean, well-lit, and smack-dab in the middle of Hong Kong, this is a great new abode for a young adult.

Though my sis really REALLY wanted to call all the shots and make the place her own, my parents are…well, my parents so it was a family affair heading to Ikea to pick out furnishings for the place.

Ikea, no matter where in the world, Hong Kong or Los Angeles, Sweden or Sydney, is such an awesome place to be. It’s like Disneyland, except it’s free (unless you buy stuff), and it has no rides (unless you ride the escalators), and no life-size Mickey is walking around (unless if you do have one. Then…where are you?)

But seriously, fun for the whole family!

My favorite Ikea furniture of all time has to be the Expedit shelves (bottom left of the picture above). I just love its functionality, how much stuff it can store and, if organized properly, how presentable it looks to guests.

If I had it my way, my room would lay near the darker end of the color spectrum (picture above, woman not for sale ClearPores). I feel like it looks cozier (not to mention cooler during the hot HK summers) but once again, it was a family decision. And plus, it’s not like I’m pulling much weight in the financial arena so I don’t really have that much of a say (though I must say, I do have excellent taste. I’m a secret interior-decorator-blog nut).

This is going to be an exciting new step in Jessica’s life and while I’m in town, I’m looking forward to helping her out setting up house.

I can’t say this hasn’t affected my mood a bit the past few days. While I’m absolutely over the moon over the steps my sis is climbing in her personal and professional life, I can’t help but compare it to my own which is in a bit of a shambles right now. Nothing solid, nothing steady. But no, I can’t say that because my health is, my mentality is, my faith is. Gotta just keep remembering, God has a plan and timing for everything!

Also, can’t wait to be roommates with my sis for the time being! Yayayayyayyy!!!

Ikea Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Park Lane Hotel Basement,
310 Gloucester Road
3125 0888

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