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I Have Commitment Issues

Monday, 07.28.2014

I have commitment issues.

With my hairstylist.

I know we’re around that age where we should have someone that we continuously go back to and trust with our tresses but I haven’t found that special someone just yet.

I’m not sure what the reason is for my lack of committing.

I say it’s because I’m lazy but actually having a solid hairstylist I go back to time after time would save me the hassle and stress of finding a new person, worrying about their service and technical skills and having to hunt down the location of the salon.

I say it’s because I’m fickle but honestly, there have been haircuts and coloring jobs I’d received in the past which I’m perfectly super duper happy with.

I think the real reason is because I’m scared.

Not of the cut, which is fine.

But I’m scared about committing to the hairstylist as a person.

Everyone knows that a good stylist is a little bit about the technique but a lot about the chemistry. Whether you can click and get along with that stylist. Whether you can trust them with your relationship, life and work problems.

But I am extremely wary about entrusting a hairstylist with that aspect. (My hair on the other hand? Do whatever the hell you will with it) The whole idea of opening up to them, telling them about my day, my family, my friends… *shudder.

So anytime a hairstylist tells me, “Next time you come back, we’ll try that new highlighting technique,” I can’t help but think in my head, “It’s not you. It’s me.” and “This is not see you later. It really is goodbye. Forever.”

Do I want to eventually settle down with a good man and woman and live out the rest of my life with a blissful domesticity and a warm “Nice to see you back again,” everytime I re-enter the shampoo-scented salon? Sure… maybe one day.

But until then, I will let my hairstylist-selecting choices run as wild as as free as my long, untamed hair.

Oh wait… actually I just got a haircut. So scratch that.


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Rant | You Are Perfect

Friday, 05.4.2012

Just a quick rant here.

This slogan pissed me off. (And by pissed off I mean I gave a high-pitched huff followed with a, “ridiculouuuus.”)

I know this is hard to hear in a world that values people to constantly strive for something more, something greater.

I know it can come off as preachy, as cheesy, as naive, as overly optimistic, as unbelievable, as pageant-y.

I know that no beauty industry is going to die out because of my one little blog post, no army will start a revolution.

But I got to say it.

You are perfect.

Yep. You over there with the gap teeth, the hairy arms, the duck butt, the big feet, the squinty eyes, or whatever else features society has generally considered “unattractive.” You are perfect just the way you are (a la Bruno Mars, although I have to add “at this moment” because you might change over time and that is just fine as well).

Society is always going to want proextender does it work us to fit a certain mold, want us to keep certain industries in business by convincing us that only a certain way is the “good” way, the “perfect” way.


Now, I’m no hippie liberal vegan revolutionary. I listen to pop music (Carley Rae Jepson, anyone?) I curl my eyelashes. I call people “pretty” and “not pretty” much of the times.

But I do believe in the beauty of imperfection. I believe in the little flaws and quirks that makes us wholly human. I truly truly believe perfection is something none of us can ever achieve here on earth so just give it up and love yourself for who you are! *Cue noble music

Stop being so hard on yourself on the outside and concentrate on how you are on the inside. Work on your character, your values, your beliefs. Remember that no one is perfect. No one expects you to be.

Aaaand end rant. Good night/morning (depending on where you are in the world.)

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HK Home | Sneek Peak!

Wednesday, 04.18.2012

The past few weeks has been surprisingly a lot of fun spent decorating and cleaning our new apartment! With the help of some lovely family and friends, we got the place looking really cozy and great to stay. I wanted to share some pictures of our home.
These are not pictures of our home. This was the inspiration board I put together to get some creative juices flowing on how we wanted our place to look.

It ended up looking not much like anything in the pictures above at all! But that’s okay because this is a place we can truly call our own.

Left: A chalkboard clock kills two birds with one stone! Right: I love our white Ikea table — so good for reading the bible, writing, going online, eating, and drinking!

My hole-in-the-wall bedroom. The whole smaller space, more happiness thingis blackjack online money totally working!

My favorite detail in my room is my window, which I got to add some favorite personal touches to. I’ve always wanted some warmer colors to my rooms back at home but due to financial/parental restraints, never was able to. Now I finally get to! Yippy-Yai-Ay!

This picture of my mom, sister, and I made me laugh so hard I snorted milk out of my nose when I first saw it. Obviously frame-worthy.

Flowers are such an awesome touch to the house (these lovely buds thanks to Joel).  Other personal touches I love — quirky household items like a trashcan who winks and a sunlamp jar.

And the best part of the house? My sister as my roommate. :) It’s been too long since I’ve lived with this girl. So grateful every day I get this chance to right now. I LOVE YOU SISTERRRRRR!!!

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Less Is More

Friday, 03.16.2012

As I was cleaning my room and packing for the move, I was faced with the natural disaster known as my closet. As I dug into my v-neck t-shirts and printed skirts for clothes to bring with me on my trip, black stockings tumbled onto my head and my arm got lost in a pile of scarves for a couple of minutes.

{ my closet wants to eat me }

Madness, I tell ya.

Thank goodness I had just listened to this Graham Hill’s TED talk a couple of weeks ago on “Less Stuff, More Happiness”

The talk emboldened me to drop my crap and “experience the joy of less.”

Editing what I really needed for my new HGH life, I packed away two big suitcases, one smaller carry-on, and a black bag of things to bring overseas. I did away with three giant trash bags of clothes that I kept putting in the back of my closet, thinking, “I’ll probably wear that someday” and never did. Those clothes have now hopefully gone to people who actually will cherish and wear them.

{ my packing list }

The scary thing was, when I looked at what remained in my closet after my clean out, it still stored a full stash of stuff in it! But at least now, it doesn’t give me a headache whenever I slide open my closet door.

How can you edit you stuff?

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What’s BB Cream All About?

Monday, 03.12.2012


I promise I will do more fulfilling posts when I find time but in the meantime, here is a segment I shot about BB creams which aired on Channel 18. Joyce Luck graciously did my hair cheap payday loan and makeup and made me feel beautiful before going on TV, thanks Joyce!

Check video below if you’ve always wanted to know what all the fuss about BB cream is about (or if you just enjoy watching me hunched over flailing my hands awkwardly about and saying “um” alot)

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An Unforgettable Job

Thursday, 02.23.2012

Working on my taxes, I found out an interesting fact. As a sometimes freelancing reporter/journalist/actress, if I were to buy a ball gown to wear to an event, I would be able to deduct that off my taxes! Because my job required me to go to the fancy event and because I would not be able to wear the ball gown in my everyday life (unless if I just wanna look awesome).

Interesting, huh?

{ Co-workers and I at KoreAm's Unforgettable gala. Jenn (far left) and I are wearing Sue Wong gowns. But we borrowed those so not tax deductable! }

I got to thinking how blessed I was that I work in a place where I am able to get dolled up occasionally and force famous celebrities to serenade “Unforgettable” to me.

“From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.”
~ John 1:16

“Blessed are those who give without remembering. And blessed are those who take without forgetting.”
~ Bernard Meltzer

Other interesting tax deductibles:
* Business meals and entertainment
* Trade magazines or print publications (since I write)
* Business cards
* Gas mileage

Interesting non-deductibles
* Wristwatches … I thought that was interesting because it was so specific and stood out amongst other items such as residential telephone services, travel expenses for another individual, etc.

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This Is Why We Need Niche Magazines

Thursday, 02.9.2012

I was cleaning out my desk this morning and took a good, hard look at some of the recent magazines I’d received over the past few months.

Now, I love these cover ladies (Meryl and Taylor, woot woot!) but Online Blackjack I couldn’t help but think (slightly dismally) that none of them have the slightest resemblance to me! Every single one a (bottled?) blonde haired-blue/green/brown eyed chica.

This is why niche magazines like Audrey and KoreAm Journal need to exist.

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Look! Book

Thursday, 11.10.2011

I’m not going to even try to deny it, I am not a stylish lady.

I mean, I try. Very hard. I always make an effort to brush my hair (okay, not really), match my socks (yeah right) and avoid wearing the belly-baring tops or the thong-revealing jeans (this one is true).

There are some people where dressing well comes so effortlessly. They look like they slink out of bed decked out in cashmere and perfectly matching accessories. I know they try hard but I’m betting I would have to try even harder. My editor in chief is one of them. Actually both my editor in chiefs are really good dressers but Anna, with her model-like physique and silky black hair, looks like she steps out of the pages of Elle Magazine everyday. It’s a real-life fashion inspiration board sitting next to me!

Lately I’ve been getting semi-obsessed with this LOOKBOOK site (yeah, I know, I’m like 5 years behind) and IT IS SO ADDICTING TO LOOK AT OTHER PEOPLE POSE WITH PRETTY CLOTHES ON!

I think the appeal to this site is because it’s normal everyday people wearing clothes from their closet. Except they look fabulous. I sure don’t see these people walking around and posing for photos around my neighborhood.

The casual comfort this outfit exudes (not to mention that awesome tattoo) is something I always try to obtain when dressing. (Key word being try.)

So I hear color blocking is really hot this year. I know it’s just piecing outfits of different, bold solid colors together but this reminds me of high school chemistry — something I really sucked at. Pretty to look at when done right, though!

Seriously? Who walks around looking like this everyday?! Beautiful dress though. I’m loving the color, the cut, the accessories.

I had a screening to attend last week and it was my one chance to dress up. Trying to copy Inspired by the looks found on LOOKBOOK, I decided to ask my mom for something she loves to do: take pictures of me in my outfit!

Okay, so my poses are a little goofy and my outfit is pretty boring black but whatever! I will just leave the dressing and picture posing to other people and the looking to myself.

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Girl Power

Sunday, 10.16.2011

I wish to tell stories like this.

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Anatomy of an Outfit

Thursday, 09.15.2011

I was never a girl that made too big a deal out of dressing up. For prom, I think I just went into my mom’s closet and dug out a dress she bought but never wore. For weddings, the same deal. For clubbing, I often wear sundresses.

So I was lucky enough this year to have my entire look come together the way it did. My friend Joyce did my hair and makeup. A PR company was kind enough to loan me the dress and jewels, and I just threw on my most fashionable pair of heels.

2011 Audrey’s Night Out | Exchange LA
Dress | Dalia Macphee
Hair & Makeup | Joyce Luck
Heels | My own. Forgot name.
Jewels | Thanks to RedLightPR


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