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Another year, another birthday

Sunday, 02.3.2013

Another year, another birthday.

I’ve never been one to be super big on my birthdays but have been super blessed by family and friends who celebrated with me with fine company, cake, balloons, birthday blessings and lots and lots of love.

This year was no exception. I got to get all warm and fuzzy with my family over a hot pot meal, thanks to my mom and dad. My sis orchestrated an amazing day of bowling, beers, best cupcakes and belly laughs. My amazing family (aunt, uncle, cousins Cissy, Donnie, Irene, Chris) blessed me with beautiful wishes and very generous and *ahem practical gifts. My friends lent their hands with helping out, getting me awesome balloons, writing heartwarming cards and just blessing blessing blessing me with their presence and smiles (and drinks). I feel so loved especially because I’ve been here in Hong Kong for a little less than a year, away from the only home I’ve ever known and yet, people are making me feel so welcome.

When people talk about birthdays, it’s usually associated with dread over turning another year older. I’d have to disagree. Save for the one year when I turned 21 and had a mini-panic attack, I’ve always been okay about turning another year older. Even looked forward to it sometimes. The way I see it:

I’m not turning no fax no direct deposit payday loans another year older, I’m turning another year wiser.

I’m not heading towards death, I’m heading closer to eternal life.

I’m not decaying, I’m just learning to treasure my body more.

I’m not getting more boring, I’ve become more certain of who I am and what I want out of life.

I’m not becoming more jaded, I’m becoming more appreciative of all the good things in this world.

I’m not becoming less popular, I’m becoming more selective over who I value enough to spend my time with.

I’m not regretful I’m still stuck making the same mistakes sometimes, I’m grateful I’m picking up the pieces faster after I’ve made the mistakes and lessening the frequency in making them.

I’m not leaving the good ol’ days behind, I’m getting closer and closer to the best days of our lives.

Not only am I 26 years old, I’m 56 years wise, 16 years strong, 6 years innocent, 16 years adventurous, eternally joyful.

I would never want to be the person I was 1, 2, 3 years ago. That Janice was naive, selfish, quick-tempered, on shaky grounds, cared so much more about the little things that won’t last, cared so much more about what other people thought. This Janice… because of Him… so much better :)

Thanks to everyone who’s wished me a happy birthday and helped me celebrate!

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Sunday, 10.7.2012

{Image via Pinterest}

Now that I have been in Hong Kong for a little over half a year, I’m finally experiencing that dose of what they call homesickness. The LA sunshine. The chill, laid-back people who are all, like, ‘whatever’, and, ‘just chill’, and, ‘dude’, and stuff. The burritos and quesadillas and KBBQ and pho.

But I think what I miss most about LA is the dreamers.

LA is a land of dreamers.

It’s a place where stories are longing to jump from the brain onto a paper (or Word Document) and onto the big screen or small screen or stage. It’s a place where an actor has fallen in love with creating characters and is willing to wait on tables for years in order to make that dream a reality. It’s a place where (wannabe) producers, writers, talents, directors, costume designers do what they do in order to make the impossible a possibility. It’s a place where people are okay with money not being the means to Viagra Online everything so long as their souls can create, produce, emote.

Hong Kong’s a more practical city. It likes to look at the odds, the chances, the likelihood, the possibilities, the numbers a bit more. Oh yes, the numbers. It definitely likes to look at the numbers.

I’ve never been a numbers person so the odds (hah!) doesn’t bode well for me in a city like Hong Kong. Yet, I’m a doggedly persistent dreamer and my optimism and faith is at a staggeringly high percentage (well, what do you know, I just may be a numbers person after all!) so I think this–combined with the acceptance of the personality of the city I live in– will help my chances at thriving here. Plus, it’s good to have Hong Kong’s go-getter attitude rub off on me a bit. I need that to make things happen, right?

This was just a small shout-out to all my dreamers out there. You’re not alone. And your dreams are going to become awesome realities!

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Random Days of a Shopping Editor

Monday, 09.3.2012

My life as a shopping editor is pretty random most of the time. I never know what I can expect in a day.

I could be at a fashion show cheering on my cousin and sister in a David Yurman fashion show.

Or receiving a specially signed photo book of half-naked men from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Or nibbling on pink jelly for lunch.

Or receiving yummy chocolates at the office.

Or checking out pretty ladies in pretty clothes for a fashion show luncheon.

Or stalking Jeremy Lin on assignment.

Yea. My job is pretty awesome. But don’t think I don’t know it can all be taken away in a minute. So just going to cherish and work as hard as I can while I still have it. 加油!

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Motivational Monday | Make Good Art

Monday, 06.25.2012

I think this is pretty self-explanatory…

Mr. Gaiman’s commencement speech for University of the clearpores vs Arts c/o 2012 is even more inspirational.

{ Source thanks to Melly }

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Breaking Bread Pt. 3

Tuesday, 06.12.2012

Apologies for the lack of updates as of late. Still adjusting to my new job so setting aside some Media Maid stuff for the time being.

But I do have time to post up pictures of food!

Xiao Long Bao. Juicy juicy. I heated up these frozen ones for lunch one day. They looked so pretty I could barely stand to eat them.

…Ah who am I kidding. Gobbled up within seconds!

Sis and I live right next to a cooked food centre but we never visited until one adventurous lunchtime. It was surprisingly really really delicious! (And the price tag didn’t hurt either *wink wink) I frequented another one on a workday lunch with my coworkers one day. Still good! Still cheap! You must try it if you don’t mind all the construction workers ogling at you (if you’re a girl because it was Eye Secrets pretty much men that ate there).

Happy hour with good friends are always such an enjoyable thing for me. Sushi lunches with family as well. <3

Mmm.. Tsui Wah. Such a staple to our HK diet. Left) their fish ball noodle soup and Right) their french brick toast. So bad but so good for you.

Dim Sum. My parents visited for a couple of days so we got some dim sum in.

Desserts. I am really itching to try more more more HK desserts. Like these egg custards in actual eggshells on the left! So cool I would have taken an egg shell home but then Sis would just harp at me, saying, “You’re such a junk collector” and it’s just not worth it. Right) Ingenious milk and cookies from Gusto in Happy Valley. I was a happy girl, I tell ya.

Eat well!

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Answered Prayers

Thursday, 06.7.2012


They weren’t kidding when they said Hong Kong moves fast. The pace, the speech, the happenings.

It’s been a little less than three months since I’ve been here in Hong Kong and already, I feel like I’ve done more than a year in LA. I’m like the Tasmania devil swirling around, hardly stopping to catch a breath.

But then again, why would I want to? What would be the fun in that?

The only thing that was slow throughout these past 80 days have been my job hunt. There would be leads and then it would stop. There would be talks and then it would halt. There would be help and then it would cede. I didn’t know what else I could do but pray. (Pray and go hiking! Hoo hah!) It was weird though, despite various people worrying for me, thinking things would be hopeless, I was completely at peace throughout the entire process. Sure, I broke down a couple of times but overall, I knew God would provide. I just knew.

And oh boy, did he ever!

Through His impeccable timing, and making the puzzles just all fit, I somehow defeated the odds and ended up exactly where I’m supposed to be for right now Intivar.

I get to stay in Hong Kong, I get to grow and love with my sister and cousins and auntie and uncle, I get to grow and love with my church, with my new friends, I get to be at a central point of Asia at a most thrilling time. He made it happen.

For those of you not familiar with Time Out HK, the bi-weekly mag (or fortnightly as we call it) is pretty much one of those publications that has its pulse on the city of HK and the content of the mag ranges from serious opinion pieces on politics to investigating the effects of the minimum wage law to the coolest places to shop and dine. So it’s pretty much ME :)

I’m really overfilled with joy because I really knew this entire experience was just a test of my faith. How long would I hang on? How long would I stay faithful and fruitful despite not fitting society’s norm of “successful” or “doing well?”

The job has just begun and like all jobs, it will have its ups and downs but for now, I am so UP I might as well enjoy the view while it lasts.

Praise God for He is good!

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We Are Family

Wednesday, 05.30.2012

The parents are in town and staying over at the mini abode.

That always throws things off a bit.

Because unlike friends, where you can only choose to reveal your best congenial, friendly, cheery, hospitable side to, family are the ones that see you through the messy times, the hard stuff, that put up with your mood swings and disrespectful nature and your temper tantrums. They’re the ones that pick on your stringy hair or how you need to wear gloves when you wash the dishes or call you out when you sleep with your mouth open.

My parents are I haven’t been in the best of times lately. It’s understandable — they’re super worried and fearful of my unknown future, of my bold move of moving countries, of my lack of a paycheck. They have faith in me — deep, deep faith but right now, it’s just so deep that it’s buried somewhere way underneath there in their hearts, smothered by anxiety and stress.

I have a hunch they also feel that I’m growing up and won’t be needing them anymore.

Well, I certainly proved that hunch wrong when yesterday, after a great day hiking the mountains of Tai Tam acneorg clearpores (new post coming soon!), I come stumbling home after throwing up half the time at dinner. Get this, I was just throwing up water for most of that time. After compiling all the evidence, I believe it was a case of exhaustion/dehydration/hunger/carsickness/eating that banana on an empty stomach that drove me to my weakened state.

So back to my weakened state — I stumble home, too weak to even use the keys to unlock the front door. I’m still feeling nauseous, my head feels like it’s split in two, and I head straight for bed.

But my family, my dear, dear family — they tied up my hair, changed me out of my clothes, fed me salt water, fed me congee, fed me regular water, held my hand, stroked my hair, prepared me a puking bowl, chastised me for a) wearing too less clothes (the Asian parent’s go-to or when you feel sick) and b) playing too hard (that comes a close second), comforted me with stories of Wizardtopia and witches called Cassandra and watched me fall asleep in my miserableness.

That is love, yO. That is family. <3

I love you Mama, I love you Baba, I love you Sister!!!

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I Date Hipster Babies During My Free Time

Wednesday, 03.28.2012

One question that always makes me cringe when asked is, “so, what do you like to do in your free time?”

Talk about a loaded question, huh?

It’s one of those that is too general where you can’t say, “refreshing my Facebook feed every 45 seconds so I can procrastinate on getting real work done” or “smearing my leftover ketchup with my leftover bread crumbs to create my own original modern work of art” without getting a weird look or a nervous chuckle. But it’s also one of those questions that is pretty specific where you can’t say, “breathe and blink and repeat” without getting a “what a b*tch” muttered under one’s breath.

My answers are usually nervous, half-thought out generalities like, “Oh you know, read and write and hike and stuff.”

Ugh. Boring, right? And it so does not paint an accurate portrait of yours truly.

To be honest, I do like to read a lot. I could read for days, stopping only to eat a consumer advisory sizegenetics few bites and unzipping my pants to do my bizniz (’cause you know, if I were to do that with one hand, well, the book just shakes too much and you can’t really set it down somewhere without the pages closing in and, yea, you know what I mean).

But I also like to do quite a few more things on my free time. I like people watching while sipping on chamomile tea at a street-side cafe. I like spouting half-delirious midnight nonsense over video chats with dear friends. I like napping in public, my mouth gaping open like a graceful zombie.

And I like dating hipster babies.

Okay, so more specifically, I like collaborating with different creative people on projects.

Here is a short I was in with Kirsten Roeters, and her baby boy. The video was beautifully shot by Brandon Li. It was fun traversing through Silverlake pretending to be an Asian hipster cougar. (The Asian part I didn’t have to do much pretending).

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Girlfriend Marries The Goat

Friday, 03.23.2012

My best gal pal Helena married her love, Alex earlier this month. I served as the Media Maid of Honor for the wedding which a BEAUTIFUL AFFAIR.

Because I was busy running around doing Media Maid of Honor-ish duties Volume Pills, I failed to take a SINGLE picture of the wedding! As we wait for the pictures to come in, here is the lovely wedding video. Enjoy!

Alex + Helen: Christ | Vintage | Love from Cakeflix Wedding Films on Vimeo.

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Motivational Monday: So There is Hope In the Future Generation

Monday, 03.12.2012

People are always saying how fearful they are of how the future generation will turn out to be — lazy, entitled, morally corrupt, lack of motivation, lack of empathy, ADD penis enlargement surgery before after, money/power/fame-driven…


Watch this video and you’ll agree with me that the future will do just fine.

Freakin’ ingenious use of multimedia, politics, propaganda, branding, advertisement, and heart.

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