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The Best Writing Advice Donald Miller Gave Me

Wednesday, 09.21.2011

It’s been a tad hard to get any writing done recently.

It’s because when I write, I write for me but I also write for you. I want my words to be of quality, of encouragement, of inspiration. When it’s not up to that standard, I feel hesitant to display it.

Glad to have read this bit of advice from the writer of one of my favorite books, “Blue Like Jazz’s” Donald Miller.

Donald shares,

“I’ve a shelf at home devoted to books about writing. I’d say I might even have two shelves devoted to those books now. I’ve read most of them and some are better than others. But the best writing advice I’ve ever received didn’t come from a book. It actually occurred to me one morning when I was lying in bed, not wanting to get up and do my job. Maybe it came from heaven, I don’t know. But the advice was this: Love your reader.

…These days, that’s about all that’s keeping me going. Just the thought that somebody out there might not leave their spouse, or quit on that book they’re writing, or change their career or find God. In all those books about writing filled with tips and tricks, I think loving the reader is the best motivator I’ve found. And it keeps the quality up, too. We do tend to put our best foot forward when we care about somebody.

So the next time you sit down to write a blog, just remember somebody is going to read it and be encouraged.”

Loving you guys and as always, thank you for reading.

(As a cop-out, I’ll be loading articles that I wrote for various publications for you to read from the past year. Stay tuned!)

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Growing a Thick (Dumpling) Skin

Thursday, 03.3.2011


I never have been nor ever will be a tiny Asian girl. I’ve always been a chubby kid — it’s evident in my baby pictures which bear remarkable resemblance to Notorious B.I.G as I sit there big-cheeked, big-thighed, staring into the camera with a scowl (I was probably hungry). It was evident from my pants split at the butt-cracks because I was so booty-licious, no amount of fabric or denim could hold it in.

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More Munn Madness

Sunday, 02.27.2011

Oh Munn, don't look so sad. Your Audrey spread was an internet sensation!

I would have to say that our Spring cover was a success! Olivia Munn is a Hollywood It Girl right now and after passing the pdf files of the story to her publicists, our story content somehow leaked to Just Jared. (No complaints here. We’re grateful for the publicity.)

At first, I was thinking of keeping the feature under wraps until the issue has been on the stands for a couple of weeks but since they’re all over the internet now (thanks to the other JJ), might as well plop it on here for your viewing pleasure.

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Nice Not Naughty

Wednesday, 01.26.2011

Since I will probably never be famous enough to incur his wrath of pink nose squiggles and vengeful name-callings, I’ll just go ahead and say it: I have never been a fan of Perez Hilton. With a successful gossip site built solely on meanness, I realized a couple years ago that I can at least do my part to not spreading his nastiness around the world by not reading the site. I vowed to refrain from touching it. Four years sober and counting! (Except for that one time I may or may not have blind-applied to a position that may or may not have been for his company. But that’s a story for another time…when his lawyers won’t go loco on my butt.)

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