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So Jelly!

Thursday, 06.30.2011

My sister, Jessica Jann is so freakin’ cute. If she weren’t my sister, I’d be green with envy at the awesome life she’s having and all the blessings she’s had.

She’s young, she’s beautiful, she’s charming, and she booked a commercial for one of the top food chains in Hong Kong.

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Snapshot of My Day

Wednesday, 02.9.2011

It’s not everyday you get a call after lunch to get to an audition for a commercial. (Thanks sis for the submission!)

That’s for Mercedes Benz.

That stars Kobe Bryant.

The catch: I had to go from regular ol’ Janice in a brown sack shirt, jeans and flats, my hair a bird’s nest atop my head to a classy art gallery owner with the lashes, the dress, the works.

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15 Seconds of Fame

Friday, 10.15.2010

My Wells Fargo commercial came out! Yay, I’m excited to be sharing it with you all.  Take a look:

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