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Random Days of a Shopping Editor

Monday, 09.3.2012

My life as a shopping editor is pretty random most of the time. I never know what I can expect in a day.

I could be at a fashion show cheering on my cousin and sister in a David Yurman fashion show.

Or receiving a specially signed photo book of half-naked men from Abercrombie & Fitch.

Or nibbling on pink jelly for lunch.

Or receiving yummy chocolates at the office.

Or checking out pretty ladies in pretty clothes for a fashion show luncheon.

Or stalking Jeremy Lin on assignment.

Yea. My job is pretty awesome. But don’t think I don’t know it can all be taken away in a minute. So just going to cherish and work as hard as I can while I still have it. 加油!

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Time Out Shoots

Wednesday, 08.29.2012

As my previous post indicates that I’m alive, some of the following experiences from photo shoots in Hong Kong left me nearly dead.

As I’ve mentioned before, Hong Kong works at lightning speed and people are known to do whatever it takes to GET. THINGS. DONE. So it’s not uncommon for us to pull a photo shoot out of thin air with two models, 4 looks, outdoors location out of thin air. Some notables thus far (I say that ’cause I know there will just be so much more good ones coming up!)

Sports Chic

What the heck is sports chic? My partner-in-crime Arthur and I had to figure out that exact question when we set off to shoot a sports chic look book photo shoot. This was my first shoot with the mag and I think I may have been a little overambitious itching to do two models, 4 looks, and an outdoors locations. The result came out quite well but this behind the scenes post will give you more insight as to what happened. Personally, I ended up with 54 mosquito bites that afternoon. 54! (You know of my hate/hate relationship with them pesks).

Totes vs. Backpacks

A good (or bad) thing about being an editor is you can indulge in a bit of nepotism every now and then. I try not to but I can’t help it that my sis and intern John also happened to be good-looking models! Also, Arthur and I had a bit of a banter over what’s cooler to carry around– a tote live sex chat rooms or a backpack. Tough choices, eh? Read here.

Pretty sexy, huh? You wouldn’t believe how much effort went into getting this cover shot. The model, August, is already super gorgeous and sexy and yet, hours and hours of photoshopping went into making her flawless. This was completely different from our original concept but I kind of love it. It was relevant to the subversive nature of the sex issues we were talking about and c’mon, it’s hot. I also helped contribute with this feature story on HK’s sex industry workers which was quite an adventure to compile but which I felt was a real breathe of fresh air for journalism. (Also, an issue I have a heart for.) Read here.

I gotta say, modeling is a tough job. You could be swathed in heavy coats and wool sweaters and walk around sweat-infused Causeway Bay in 5-inch platforms and have to look beautiful doing it. Luckily, these two models, Eva and Reila, were troopers as we marched about the district and all its army of crowds and shot this look book. I’m glad I started my job during the summer time where I had the face the worst the Hong Kong weather had to bring. The next few seasons should be easy peasy! (I hope I hope I hope)

These shoots would not have been possible without Arthur, Calvin the photographer extraordinaire, Ken the creative director extraordinaire, Gabbie the makeup and hair stylist extraordinaire, and our rockstar interns John, Jessie, Gloria, and YY. People, you rock.

Next up: Events

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Wednesday, 06.27.2012

My friend Paul Gor rolled into town and asked if I wanted to take pictures.

Why not?

So I put on my best green polka dotted dress and Toms (just because I could) and proceeded to Central where we posed for shots for Paul’s big-ass camera and let HK’s pedestrians gawk, wondering in their heads what the hell we’re doing.

Sis needed shots for her food blog anyway so she also came along and we got some GREAT STUFF for her! (I say “we” even though it was really all Paul and her but you know, I held her bags…and swept away her stray strands of hair…and ate chicken wings while they shot together…and stuff…)

Ooh! I made this (above)! Impressive, no?

Someone nexus pheromones asked me if I feel weird when I pose for pictures.
The answer is heck yah I do! Especially when it’s the more serious “modely” kind. I’ve even written a whole blog post on it before. (A serious case of investigative journalism there, I tell ya.)

Inside, I always feel more like this…

Goofy, overly exuberant…

It actually takes a lot for me to control my facial expressions. But sometimes, I come out pleasantly surprised with the results.

Of course, most of the credit goes to Paul’s artistic way with the camera rather than my less than excellent modeling skills.

Fun (and exhausting!) day was had by all! Now that I have this bunch of cool pictures, what should I do with it?

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Breaking Bread Pt. 3

Tuesday, 06.12.2012

Apologies for the lack of updates as of late. Still adjusting to my new job so setting aside some Media Maid stuff for the time being.

But I do have time to post up pictures of food!

Xiao Long Bao. Juicy juicy. I heated up these frozen ones for lunch one day. They looked so pretty I could barely stand to eat them.

…Ah who am I kidding. Gobbled up within seconds!

Sis and I live right next to a cooked food centre but we never visited until one adventurous lunchtime. It was surprisingly really really delicious! (And the price tag didn’t hurt either *wink wink) I frequented another one on a workday lunch with my coworkers one day. Still good! Still cheap! You must try it if you don’t mind all the construction workers ogling at you (if you’re a girl because it was Eye Secrets pretty much men that ate there).

Happy hour with good friends are always such an enjoyable thing for me. Sushi lunches with family as well. <3

Mmm.. Tsui Wah. Such a staple to our HK diet. Left) their fish ball noodle soup and Right) their french brick toast. So bad but so good for you.

Dim Sum. My parents visited for a couple of days so we got some dim sum in.

Desserts. I am really itching to try more more more HK desserts. Like these egg custards in actual eggshells on the left! So cool I would have taken an egg shell home but then Sis would just harp at me, saying, “You’re such a junk collector” and it’s just not worth it. Right) Ingenious milk and cookies from Gusto in Happy Valley. I was a happy girl, I tell ya.

Eat well!

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We Are Family

Wednesday, 05.30.2012

The parents are in town and staying over at the mini abode.

That always throws things off a bit.

Because unlike friends, where you can only choose to reveal your best congenial, friendly, cheery, hospitable side to, family are the ones that see you through the messy times, the hard stuff, that put up with your mood swings and disrespectful nature and your temper tantrums. They’re the ones that pick on your stringy hair or how you need to wear gloves when you wash the dishes or call you out when you sleep with your mouth open.

My parents are I haven’t been in the best of times lately. It’s understandable — they’re super worried and fearful of my unknown future, of my bold move of moving countries, of my lack of a paycheck. They have faith in me — deep, deep faith but right now, it’s just so deep that it’s buried somewhere way underneath there in their hearts, smothered by anxiety and stress.

I have a hunch they also feel that I’m growing up and won’t be needing them anymore.

Well, I certainly proved that hunch wrong when yesterday, after a great day hiking the mountains of Tai Tam acneorg clearpores (new post coming soon!), I come stumbling home after throwing up half the time at dinner. Get this, I was just throwing up water for most of that time. After compiling all the evidence, I believe it was a case of exhaustion/dehydration/hunger/carsickness/eating that banana on an empty stomach that drove me to my weakened state.

So back to my weakened state — I stumble home, too weak to even use the keys to unlock the front door. I’m still feeling nauseous, my head feels like it’s split in two, and I head straight for bed.

But my family, my dear, dear family — they tied up my hair, changed me out of my clothes, fed me salt water, fed me congee, fed me regular water, held my hand, stroked my hair, prepared me a puking bowl, chastised me for a) wearing too less clothes (the Asian parent’s go-to or when you feel sick) and b) playing too hard (that comes a close second), comforted me with stories of Wizardtopia and witches called Cassandra and watched me fall asleep in my miserableness.

That is love, yO. That is family. <3

I love you Mama, I love you Baba, I love you Sister!!!

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Dance Your Weekend Away

Monday, 05.14.2012

I had a super fun weekend this weekend. But this post will be about last weekend because I was a lazy bum and didn’t post until now.

Last weekend was fun too.

One where I didn’t need to go to the gym afterwards for days.

It all started on a cool Thursday night where my cousins and I jumped and grooved to Lady Gaga live in concert.

The concert was amazebaaaaaalls. Lady Gaga is pretty weird sometimes but one thing’s for sure — she is a talented and hardworking artist who genuinely seems to love her fans.

The best part of the concert would have to be cousin (and sister) time because that’s just priceless. I’ve missed watching Volume Pills my talented cousins dance! (Sorry the photo doesn’t show us dancing)

Then on Saturday, I attended one_eighty, which is my church’s youth ministry and danced again! For the glory of God. We danced with our fellow African refugees and I had the most amazing time seeing everyone’s joy in performing for the Lord.

On Saturday, I did this thing called clubbing (“po” in Cantonese) and I danced again! Except this time it was at Play, this super crowded popular club in Hong Kong and… I actually didn’t get to dance much at all. Ah well…I think the other two days made up for it. :)

Did you get to let loose and jive over the weekend?

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Funniest Advice My Mom Gave Me

Friday, 05.11.2012

I contributed to Audrey Magazine‘s compilation of “Funny Advice from Moms” in anticipation for Mother’s Day. Hear my tale below (and check out the rest here!)

Throughout the years, I’ve amassed quite a collection of wisdoms from my mother. I would share them all with you here, but a big piece of advice from my mom is:

“Don’t share with the Internet advice that I tell you.”

Like many Asian mothers, she wants to give the illusion that I just spontaneously, randomly, magically became the charming, alluring, poised, well-behaved, well-kempt, and witty lady that I am today with no help whatsoever.

Hate to break it to you – but I did get a lot of helpful advice from my mother.

Helpful advice that I sometimes didn’t want and didn’t always appreciate. Helpful advice that I sometimes laughed at. Helpful advice that I sometimes took for granted. But helpful advice that I now notice nearly always rings true. Whether it’s packing a light scarf in my purse whenever I go out, taking my Vitamin C’s, being careful about who I choose to give my heart to, or standing with a straight posture — my mom’s advice makes sense.

The most outlandish advice my mom often dishes out is this upheld belief she has that anything can happen in this world. No seriously. “Anything can happen in this world, Janice” my mother would say, “you never know.”

She truly believes that a young ingénue could walk down payday loan the street and get discovered by a hot-shot director who will propel her to stardom. She believes that a big ladies’ man could take one look at the bookish girl-next-door, fall in love, and change his wild ways forever. She believes that the lottery could be won. She believes that papaya can make boobs bigger. She believes.

I used to laugh at all of this. “Really, ma?” I’d ask. “Do you live in your own world? Have you ever faced reality? Have you calculated the odds?”

But the older I got, the more I came to realize that what she was saying was right. After all, reality is partially based on your perception of the world. And if you’re endlessly optimistic like my mother, who’s to say that anything can’t happen? As the years pass, I’ve encountered more and more crazy situations and surpassed countless expectations and odds that have led me to relate more to my mother’s wise words.

My mother’s belief that anything can happen in this world is true. I would just add, “if you believe” to the end of that phrase. After all, she did turn me, a girl who used to scoff at her advice, into a believer.

So seriously, anything can happen. (If you just believe.) Hey, who knows? Maybe you’ll even think of this entry as inspiring instead of cheesy? After all, anything can ha…you get the point.

Happy Mother’s Day, mom! I love love love you.

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HK Home | Sneek Peak!

Wednesday, 04.18.2012

The past few weeks has been surprisingly a lot of fun spent decorating and cleaning our new apartment! With the help of some lovely family and friends, we got the place looking really cozy and great to stay. I wanted to share some pictures of our home.
These are not pictures of our home. This was the inspiration board I put together to get some creative juices flowing on how we wanted our place to look.

It ended up looking not much like anything in the pictures above at all! But that’s okay because this is a place we can truly call our own.

Left: A chalkboard clock kills two birds with one stone! Right: I love our white Ikea table — so good for reading the bible, writing, going online, eating, and drinking!

My hole-in-the-wall bedroom. The whole smaller space, more happiness thingis blackjack online money totally working!

My favorite detail in my room is my window, which I got to add some favorite personal touches to. I’ve always wanted some warmer colors to my rooms back at home but due to financial/parental restraints, never was able to. Now I finally get to! Yippy-Yai-Ay!

This picture of my mom, sister, and I made me laugh so hard I snorted milk out of my nose when I first saw it. Obviously frame-worthy.

Flowers are such an awesome touch to the house (these lovely buds thanks to Joel).  Other personal touches I love — quirky household items like a trashcan who winks and a sunlamp jar.

And the best part of the house? My sister as my roommate. :) It’s been too long since I’ve lived with this girl. So grateful every day I get this chance to right now. I LOVE YOU SISTERRRRRR!!!

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Home + Heart

Tuesday, 04.3.2012

Say hello to my sister’s new apartment.

{ She says Hello back }

Clean, well-lit, and smack-dab in the middle of Hong Kong, this is a great new abode for a young adult.

Though my sis really REALLY wanted to call all the shots and make the place her own, my parents are…well, my parents so it was a family affair heading to Ikea to pick out furnishings for the place.

Ikea, no matter where in the world, Hong Kong or Los Angeles, Sweden or Sydney, is such an awesome place to be. It’s like Disneyland, except it’s free (unless you buy stuff), and it has no rides (unless you ride the escalators), and no life-size Mickey is walking around (unless if you do have one. Then…where are you?)

But seriously, fun for the whole family!

My favorite Ikea furniture of all time has to be the Expedit shelves (bottom left of the picture above). I just love its functionality, how much stuff it can store and, if organized properly, how presentable it looks to guests.

If I had it my way, my room would lay near the darker end of the color spectrum (picture above, woman not for sale ClearPores). I feel like it looks cozier (not to mention cooler during the hot HK summers) but once again, it was a family decision. And plus, it’s not like I’m pulling much weight in the financial arena so I don’t really have that much of a say (though I must say, I do have excellent taste. I’m a secret interior-decorator-blog nut).

This is going to be an exciting new step in Jessica’s life and while I’m in town, I’m looking forward to helping her out setting up house.

I can’t say this hasn’t affected my mood a bit the past few days. While I’m absolutely over the moon over the steps my sis is climbing in her personal and professional life, I can’t help but compare it to my own which is in a bit of a shambles right now. Nothing solid, nothing steady. But no, I can’t say that because my health is, my mentality is, my faith is. Gotta just keep remembering, God has a plan and timing for everything!

Also, can’t wait to be roommates with my sis for the time being! Yayayayyayyy!!!

Ikea Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
Park Lane Hotel Basement,
310 Gloucester Road
3125 0888

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How The Janns Do Christmas

Wednesday, 01.11.2012

The thought of cooking food sometimes gives me the hives.

The thought of the hours spent selecting the menu, the thought of the trips to the grocery store to get every ingredient just right, the thought of the cutting, the thought of the boiling, the thought of the dishes getting cleaned up…


But nonetheless, I offered to prepare some dishes for our family’s Christmas Eve dinner (which, next to Thanksgiving and Chinese New Year, is only the most important family meal of the year). How hard could it be? A salad, a potato side dish, a dessert. Easy as pie.

Well, when you’re me, it can be pretty hard. For some reason, I thought it was a good idea to set a more fancier menu for those dishes. Meaning I wasn’t just gonna toss some iceberg lettuce in with some carrots and call it a day. I wasn’t just gonna buy the boxed mashed potato flakes.

I decided to spice up the plain ol’ mashed potatoes dish by making a variation of this recipe of mashed potatoes with spinach, ricotta, and bacon.

These here are all the brave soldiers that served for duty that night.

- 500 grams potatoes (duh) without the skin and cut in parts
- 1 onion – diced
- 125 grams ricotta
- 150 grams fresh spinach leaves
- 100 grams bacon
- a bit of butter and milk to make it smoootthh
- a bit of olive oil (not like Jamie Oliver, which is 1/4 of the bottle) for frying the onion
- a bit of nutmeg, like a 1/2 tsp
- salt and pepper by taste

First, I diced the potatoes while the water was boiling. Saving time baby!

Then, while the potatoes were boiling, I diced up some onions and mixed them in a pan with spinach and ricotta cheese.

Turkey bacon also got sizzled and diced. I used turkey because it’s healthier. This is the reason why I will never be able to become a vegetarian.

My grandma started helping me mix it all together. You gotta have a grandma mixing to make this recipe filled with love.

Voila! What do ya think? Looks pretty scrumptious, no? It tasted even better the day after.

So unfortunately for me, I took too long making the potatoes that I ran out of time when I got to my fancy salad recipe (which was going to feature fancy stuff like kale. And couscous. And quinoa which is so fancy the man at Trader Joe’s had to correct me and say, “it’s not pronounced ‘kinoa,’ it’s pronoounced ‘keenua,’ you blundering ball of idiot” (ok, so he didn’t add the last part but he sure was thinkin’ it).

I did whip up a freakin’ tasty pumpkin bread but it was so yummy I forgot to take pictures of it. Here are the rest of the dishes served at the dinner…

‘Twas so nice getting my sister and cousins back for the holidays. As you can see, us Janns are more than a little enamored with the Lius.


Hope y’alls had a great Christmas!

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