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Foodography Friday

Friday, 04.27.2012

Two of my favorite foods: quinoa and beets… combined in one dish! Quinoa, one day, I will figure out how to make you. One day!

In my favorite Chinese restaurant back in LA, I used to always order porkchops and “tsai fan,” (veggie rice) forgetting that carbs are evil for just one evening. This reminds me of home.

We celebrated my cousin’s birthday at Inagiku. The sashimi was yum. Just need about 4 more penis enlargement pills maleextra reviews best male enhancement plates of these kthx.

Homemade beef curry courtesy of my amazing aunt and uncle. Deliciously delish.

Had a nice afternoon to myself one day where I journaled while indulging in some high tea. Tea-time me-time.

Sis was so sweet she brought me desserts from Starbucks one evening. Starbucks in HK trumps Starbucks in LA anyday. Thank you!

Fancy soup.

Nan Tei yakitori. Gotta love me some chicken gizzards!

Fashionable cupcake.

Eat well!

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Foodography Friday

Sunday, 04.22.2012

Sorry for the delay. I’ve been so busy eating and taking pictures I’ve forgotten to post about them! Here you go.

Homemade whole wheat pasta with a medley of vegetables topped with minestrone soup. I was craving pasta but because it was a rainy day, I wanted something soupy. Hence this combo.

As much fun as it is to cook, Sis and I decided to eat out more. A) Because fresh vegetables are very expensive to buy at markets and cost about the same as eating it at a restaurant + you don’t have to wash dishes! B) Sis has a FOOD BLOG! It shall be our DUTY to go out and eat at as many fun restaurants as we possibly can. Woot! (Please check out her blog and penis enlargement patch show her some love! You will also be getting regular updates from yours truly over there!)

Sis and I LOVE Cafe O! Find out why here.

These pieces of bread have cheese AND truffle on it! Amazeballs, right?

Swiss Cafe‘s porkchop skillet. My whole meal cost about $5 USD. I knoooowwwwww, right?

Cafe O again. Hearty and healthy, just the way I like my food and my men. ;)

I tried to get creative with my breakfast and served myself some grilled tomatoes, chicken patties with cheese, beans and a carrot/pear/blackberries juice. It was…creative.

HK-style desserts! Even though we ordered four different types (almond milk, mango and tofu, tofu pudding, and tofu-mango-something-something, they all somehow looked similar one way or another.)

Eat well!

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Foodography Friday | HK Week 4

Friday, 04.13.2012

This lo mai gao — glutinous rice snuggled deep into some lotus leaves– actually leaves me drooling.

Went to this trendy East-West fusion restaurant called Tai Lung Fung in Wan Chai. Loved how these cheesecake slices were presented. Loved how they tasted even more!

I could probably eat oysters everyday for the rest of my life.

Was craving some good ol’ pasta. Think I’ll be attempting to make my own in a couple of days.

Paid a surprise visit to Stanley Beach. Soaked up the sun Cialis while also soaking up some fresh green veggies and fresh…pizza?

My aunt and uncle made delicious dinner one night! Ceviche with fried oysters (told ya I could eat it everyday) with garlic bread with corn with sweet potato, oh my!

Same meal at my aunt and uncle’s. Rolling with the homies.

I whipped up a simple meal for my sis and I. These sweet peas look so sweet don’t they? I mixed it with sausage pieces and boiled it so it was healthy too!
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Foodography Friday: HK Week 2

Saturday, 03.31.2012

Look at all the colors of this beautiful, delicious fish.

While staying at the hotel, I was delighted to find that they served eggs benedict at the breakfast buffet. I pretty much had it everyday for two weeks straight. Mmmmm…

Sigh…quesadillas here are just not the same as back in Cali. Wah Wah #firstworldproblems.

It’s funny how life never turns out how you plan it. I went jogging one capsiplex warning beautiful afternoon and watched the sun set while munching on an apple. I thought to myself, “what a beautiful, healthy habit to have. I shall have to upkeep this everyday.”

The next day, I immediately got sick and was stuck in bed for two days straight.

However, I did get to enjoy some yummy congee which should be a remedy itself for how soothing it is to the tummy.

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