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Bringing Christmas Back

Tuesday, 12.13.2011

My family’s hitting that awkward age where all the children have grown up and adults feel like there’s no need for getting into the Christmas spirit anymore. Like, we all know Santa doesn’t exist so why decorate the tree? And why wrap presents when you can just give cash in a red envelope?

Well, I say nay to that! Nay to that!

First, I hung a wreath up on our doors (lights will hopefully come later once I find out a) how to hang them b) how to light them without getting myself electrocuted). It’s just the right cheery touch to welcome someone in.

Next up, I intended to revive postal services again by mailing a few of my dearest with Christmas love. Who doesn’t like receiving mail, right?

I didn’t plan a good system this year though. Post-it lists and using mailing labels 5 sizes too big do not pretty Christmas cards make. Next year, I’ll try harder!

I even started doing some gift wrapping! I really do love gift wrapping. I should open my own gift wrapping business. Any takers?

And a present to all my dear blog readers…a revamped Media Maid layout thanks to the talented Modeh!

May your Christmas be bright. :)

PS. Just learned this week that Christ was NOT born on Dec. 25th! Nonetheless, his love is so real and deep, hallelujah!

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Snapshot Of My Day: Day With the Grunts

Thursday, 02.17.2011

Warning: the following the post contains extreme acts of nerviness, dorkiness, laziness and geekiness

Ah, WordPress backpage, you and I are such good friends now.

I stayed up way late last night working on something really dorky. I was trying to figure out all the nuances to making the Audrey Magazine site work as smoothly and looking as pleasing as possible. ¬†Specifically, I had spent all afternoon creating this About Us page and when I clicked “About Us” on the bottom left of the homepage, I wanted it to be directed to the appropriate page.

It’s really amazing how much we say we don’t know about something out of fear or laziness or not trying but once we actually sit down and devote ourselves to 2..4…6..even 8 hours or learning, how much we’ll come away with knowing.

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Year 2010

Saturday, 01.1.2011

2010 was really rough on me.

It bit and battered me, bruised and strangled. It dropped me from atop and suffocated me on the ground.

And yet, I would not change one minute of it.

Because from 2010, I learned that I can cry buckets of tears and literally feel my heart splintered in a thousand pieces and still recover. I learned I can come in second place and life goes on. I learned I don’t have to carry all the burden myself; I have friends and family and God to lean on. I learned I can not know what the hell I’m going to do with my life. I learned I can not know what the hell I’m going to do next month. I learned I can rise to the occasion when the occasion calls for it. I learned I am happiest doing work I’m passionate about, regardless of money, status or hours. I learned love is complicated. I learned that it’s nice to take care of the way I look and present myself. I learned that it’s a great tragedy to have to go through the end of your life in pain and suffering each and every single day but a great blessing to be surrounded by those you love and who love you back. I learned that I’m not as adventurous as I thought I was. I learned that I will never stop learning nor would I ever want to.

2010 may have been rough but I’m not going to wish for the new year to be any less on me. ¬†I’m only going to pray that I keep getting stronger.

Take it easy, kids.

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