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Life is Funny…

Wednesday, 09.12.2012

And I absolutely Generic Cialis love it.

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Why Jeremy Lin Would Make A Great Boyfriend

Thursday, 02.16.2012

Everybody and their mama has something to say about Jeremy Lin so it was tough to come up with an post for Audrey Magazine other than OHMYGOSHHOWAWESOMEISTHISGUYANDHE’SASIANANDHELOVESGODANDHEWENT

I went along with it and thought I should share the blog post here.


In the span of less than two weeks, Jeremy Lin has gone from being an NBA benchwarmer to Asian America’s heartthrob. When he’s not making record-breaking points, career-high assists, or leading his team to victory at the last 0.5 seconds, he’s garnering praise from Spike Lee, Steve Nash, President Obama, pretty much every sportswriter in the universe, and all my friends on Facebook and Twitter. It’s pretty clear we’ve all caught #Linsanity. Rumor has it that Kim Kardashian is even trying to get lin on the action.

And who can blame Kim? Here, we share with you several very, very valid reasons why Jeremy Lin would make a great boyfriend (sprinkled in with hilarious memes from the “Hey Girl, It’s Jeremy Lin” tumblr. Swoonworthy):

1) He’s tall

At 6’3″, Jeremy’s long muscular arms are perfect to wrap around your shoulders on a cold, windy day. And if you got a broken lightbulb that needs fixing, Jeremy can tackle that without the aide of a ladder.

2) He’s humble

We know girls tend to fall for bad boys but after the recent bouts of slutty athletes airing their dirty marital laundry all over the place (we’re talking about you, Kobe and Tiger), and overloaded cockiness being the accepted norm of professional sportstars, it’s nice to finally have someone feel grateful for their success and credit others as opposed to themselves.

3) He’s dorky

I could not stop watching Jeremy and teammate Landry Fields exchange what may be the nerdiest handshake in the universe. Watch here:

But it’s that adorkableness that makes us like Jeremy even more. He’s not afraid to own up to the fact that he’s smart and geeky. After all, the guy did go to Harvard. Speaking of which…

4) He went to Harvard
Okay, who doesn’t want a boyfriend that went to the esteemed Ivy League?

{ Watch Jeremy Lin explain how he got into Harvard }
It’s straight up bragging points for you and your parents. Speaking of which…

5) Your parents would like him

{ Jeremy Lin's grandmother watching his basketball game in Taiwan. }

For us Asian girls, parental approval is pretty important when it comes to the love life. So it would be a relief to bring Jeremy Lin home. The guy’s a good Chinese Christian boy who went to Harvard and is close to his family. You Viagra Online know he’ll pass the parental test! My dad’s always wished I was a boy who could play basketball with him. Landing Jeremy Lin would probably make him burst into tears of joy. My own mom and aunt are already crazy for the boy. They actually watch basketball games now and keep showing me newspaper clippings of Jeremy and saying, “you need to find a boy like Lin!” Okay mom, it’s just that easy to find a good Christian NBA player who went to Harvard and in ten days, made himself a beloved sports star. Okay.

6) You would be the envy of every Asian girl and boy in the world.

Just judging from my Facebook feed, every Asian person I know has a big fat crush on Jeremy Lin. Boys and girls, old and young, straight and gay. It’s hard to not admire his virtues — and how he just lin, lin, lins all the time. It’ll be even harder to stop yourself from bragging to all your friends once you bag him as a boyfriend.

7) He’s ballin’ in more ways than one.

Lin is set to make around $613,000 this season but it’s most likely he’ll be collecting a paycheck of millions by next year. You ain’t a girl digger, girl, but it’s nice when a man can provide.

8 ) You are guaranteed good seats to basketball games.

Being the basketball superstar that he is now, dating Jeremy will guarantee you the best courtside seats during basketball season as you watch your hunny demolish the other teams. Talk about a good date, huh?

9) It’s linteresting thinking up puns for JLin.

Linsanity, Falling Lin Love, A Linderella Story, The Most Linteresting Man in the World, I could keep going on and on about all the fun puns about Lin but let’s not add any more linsult to linjury, eh? It’s all Lin my head anyway.

I think the most important reason why Jeremy Lin would make a great boyfriend is because he practices what he preaches, works hard, looks like he’s genuinely enjoying himself, and never gives us the impression that he feels entitled. The fact that he has broken racial barriers, made the most of out of his moments in the spotlight, heroically saved a tragically low performing sports team, and has reinvigorated the belief in us regular folks that anything can happen and dreams do come true is just fortuitous timing. But what we do sense in this sports wunderkind is someone who seems to be a solid individual that is making the most out of what he’s been given. And that’s someone we can all use in our lives.

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Getting Lost Will Help You Find Your Way

Friday, 08.19.2011

This poster isn’t even that original. All the statements are common sense or have been found elsewhere. It’s easy to read and get inspired but it’s another thing altogether to take it into your heart and truly LIVE YOUR LIFE this way.

The one that’s shouting out at me is: “Travel often; getting lost will help you find your way.”

I’m overswamped with work. I have plenty of friends here that I need to catch up with. I have family that I should be spending more time with. I really don’t have any money to be spending on a plane ticket.

But I’m going to Vancouver this weekend. Bags packed, passport in the pocket, plane ticket bought.

I’m hoping the fresh Canadian scenery, the lack of laptop and cell phone, and the long-amissed faces and conversations of my cousin, Liz and friend, D, will be what I need to rejuvenate my soul. Will update my adventures (hopefully, there are plenty!) on here when I get back.

What are you all up to this weekend?

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Motivational Monday: Impossible Is Just A Big Word…

Friday, 06.10.2011

{Image via ©Thomas Hoepker-Magnum}

I was born with a weird condition of thinking I could do anything in this world. This fearlessness allowed me to take chances, wear my heart on my sleeves, make a fool out of myself in front of lots and lots of people.

But then sadly, over the years, something changed. This word “impossible” began to creep in. It began to infiltrate my thoughts.

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Lessons from an Old Person

Saturday, 06.4.2011

Yesterday, our youngest cousin from my mom’s side graduated from high school.

The baby of the family by far, he was the one we doted on, pinched the cute pudgy cheeks of, spoiled rotten, coddled, eventually abandoned and neglected when we got busy with our own lives. (Sorry Chung for forgetting to pick you up that one time… or feed you that other time… or going to Morongo when you wanted to spend time with us that one last time… ) My cousin’s graduation really put into perspective the past couple of years that have passed since my own high school graduation. Dude–I’m so old I graduated 1.5 times already! (Wait…did I? My math was never that good, readers, help.)

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Party Poopers

Thursday, 05.26.2011

Have fun this weekend, folks!

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The Rebirth

Sunday, 04.24.2011

So many people feel like they can’t move forward because of their past.¬† Once a gossip, always a gossip. Once an alcoholic, always an alcoholic. Once a slut, always a slut.

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Lisa Ling on Faith

Tuesday, 03.1.2011


Got to chat with Lisa Ling awhile ago about her new show, Our America. Some point in our conversation, we started getting deep. I had heard her speak on another show about how her new series deals a lot with faith–mainly her own exploration of it. That fascinated me–a journalist willing to explore something so not factually based, so often-divided, so often taboo to explore. (Though I suppose taboo is Ms. Ling’s favorite type of subjects to explore.)

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Snapshot Of My Day: Day With the Grunts

Thursday, 02.17.2011

Warning: the following the post contains extreme acts of nerviness, dorkiness, laziness and geekiness

Ah, WordPress backpage, you and I are such good friends now.

I stayed up way late last night working on something really dorky. I was trying to figure out all the nuances to making the Audrey Magazine site work as smoothly and looking as pleasing as possible. ¬†Specifically, I had spent all afternoon creating this About Us page and when I clicked “About Us” on the bottom left of the homepage, I wanted it to be directed to the appropriate page.

It’s really amazing how much we say we don’t know about something out of fear or laziness or not trying but once we actually sit down and devote ourselves to 2..4…6..even 8 hours or learning, how much we’ll come away with knowing.

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On the Final Day of Christmas…

Wednesday, 12.29.2010

God is pretty glorious.

In spite of all the hardships, he still manages to bring about some form of joy for my family this Christmas. In dealing with a family emergency, we have all, by a fluke of luck, landed in the same city at the same time all at once for about 24 hours. And it just so happened to be Christmas day. Ho ho ho!

We took full advantage of our day together by indulging in a rare entire family portrait segment (courtesy of an excellent photog).

On the final day of Christmas, my true God gave to me….

5 Aunts a hugging

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