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I’m alive!

Tuesday, 08.28.2012

My blogging attendance might suggest otherwise but yes! I’m alive and well!

I can’t believe it’s been 5 months since I’ve been in Hong Kong already. Time passes by so fast here. Literally, things can happen here in a week that would take a month to occur back in LA. I would say I have definitely been living life so much to the point that I started forgetting (or not having the time) to sit back and blog about it! But boy oh boy, lots of observations stored up!

One of the reasons why I’m so preoccupied is I’m starting to get comfortable with my position as the Style and Social Media Editor for Time Out HK. This means I basically get to stare at and write about pretty clothes all day and then I get to look up cute cat pictures online and post it on Facebook. Actually, it’s a little more than that but I’ll tell you another time. Today, I just want to show off! I’ve finally accumulated enough articles and randomness to share with you some of my contributions to Time Out HK.

First up– some writing bits.

Hair cuts and Grandma Tips

I spent a random afternoon with famed hairstylist Kim Robinson (at his abode no less!) and personal finance guru Suze Orman. We chatted about hair, their irreplaceability, and money. You can read the article here. However, it was when we were in the car ride back to the city extenze canada where things got interesting. Suze and her partner Kathy were like this sweet pair of grandmas doling out life advice for me. (Suze: “You stay in Hong Kong and you get cultured!” Kathy: “You need to find a nice tall, handsome, well-cultured, well-educated boy to match you!”) That’s also when I found out that when Suze was 28, she was still waitressing, trying to save up enough money for a restaurant. Boy, how differently her life’s turned out since then! Gives us all a little hope, doesn’t it?

Vivienne Tam

One of the first weeks on the job, I got the opportunity to interview Vivienne Tam. I may not be all up on my designers but even I know who Vivienne Tam was. Nice, fun interview. Read here.

Fancy Dining on the House

I definitely dig the perks of being a Time Out writer and getting my bill paid at fancy restaurants (and writing up a review about it) is certainly one of them. This review was even merrier cause I got to enjoy the dinner with a fine group of gal pals. Read here.

Last but DEFINITELY not Least

This is my favorite piece thus far. I wrote  a snappy column for the latest Cheap Eats issue of Time Out (out on newsstands now, Hong Kong friends!) where I dished out how a fine meal is determined by your company, not your courses. READ HERE! READ HERE! READ HERE!

Next up: Shoots.

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Answered Prayers

Thursday, 06.7.2012


They weren’t kidding when they said Hong Kong moves fast. The pace, the speech, the happenings.

It’s been a little less than three months since I’ve been here in Hong Kong and already, I feel like I’ve done more than a year in LA. I’m like the Tasmania devil swirling around, hardly stopping to catch a breath.

But then again, why would I want to? What would be the fun in that?

The only thing that was slow throughout these past 80 days have been my job hunt. There would be leads and then it would stop. There would be talks and then it would halt. There would be help and then it would cede. I didn’t know what else I could do but pray. (Pray and go hiking! Hoo hah!) It was weird though, despite various people worrying for me, thinking things would be hopeless, I was completely at peace throughout the entire process. Sure, I broke down a couple of times but overall, I knew God would provide. I just knew.

And oh boy, did he ever!

Through His impeccable timing, and making the puzzles just all fit, I somehow defeated the odds and ended up exactly where I’m supposed to be for right now Intivar.

I get to stay in Hong Kong, I get to grow and love with my sister and cousins and auntie and uncle, I get to grow and love with my church, with my new friends, I get to be at a central point of Asia at a most thrilling time. He made it happen.

For those of you not familiar with Time Out HK, the bi-weekly mag (or fortnightly as we call it) is pretty much one of those publications that has its pulse on the city of HK and the content of the mag ranges from serious opinion pieces on politics to investigating the effects of the minimum wage law to the coolest places to shop and dine. So it’s pretty much ME :)

I’m really overfilled with joy because I really knew this entire experience was just a test of my faith. How long would I hang on? How long would I stay faithful and fruitful despite not fitting society’s norm of “successful” or “doing well?”

The job has just begun and like all jobs, it will have its ups and downs but for now, I am so UP I might as well enjoy the view while it lasts.

Praise God for He is good!

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Red Carpet Etiquette

Friday, 11.18.2011

Red carpets are a beast to work.

Filled with frantic PR people, confused celebs who are constantly being harassed and herded to this reporter or that photographer, it can be a crazy place.

I’ve done a fair share of red carpet work. Sometimes on camera, sometimes for print. A majority with Asian American events and one thing that I’ve taken away from it is seriously:


This applies to every and all people on the red carpet — journalists, photographers, PR folks, celebs, the people walking the celebs down the red carpet, me.

I understand that the red carpet can be like a bustling marketplace, where all these players have all these different agendas but seriously, people can be so rude sometimes.

On the red carpet, most people seem to follow a “do whatever it takes to get what you want” strategy, whether that entails embarrassing other people or coming off like a jack*ss or a b*tch.

Recently I was on the red carpet and it started to get really crowded behind the ropes. Some of the other reporters started crossing the line to interview while ON the red carpet. Seemed like a good idea so I did just that as well. All was going well when this PR lady, out of nowhere and for NO REASON AT ALL– while I’m in the middle of interviewing her client — tells me, “you better get over to behind the lines. You better get behind there. Get there. Get there.” Then she raised the ropes and forced me to crawl UNDER it even though all the other reporters still stayed on the red carpet.

That was not cool, lady.

And then there are celebs who are super “over it” when they answer questions. They roll their eyes, make weird faces and generally act like unpleasant people who are asking in their heads, “are you seriously asking me this?”

At the end of the day, I just hope that all red carpet attendees remember one thing: you chose to be here. Whether as a writer, a cameraman, a PR rep, a movie star, you chose your profession. If you don’t enjoy the process, don’t do it.

I really admired how Kal Penn handled the red carpet at a Harold & Kumar screening recently. Unlike some of his shall-not-be-named cohorts, he was gracious and kind the entire evening, speaking to all the publications, answering questions with genuine care and thoughtfulness. I know this because even though he wasn’t the last celeb to arrive, he was the last to finish the red carpet because he would take his time with the press. I was set to interview him last and when one of the PR reps told me I could only ask him one question (say what? We hosted the event!), his reps personally reassured me it would be more than that. Then when Kal and I met face to face, he told me,

“Would it be ok if we talked while walking into the screening? I want to make sure you guys get enough time especially because you’ve always been so supportive of us.”

So sweet, right?! And he gives an awesome video intro.

Thanks Kal for being such a model celeb on red carpet etiquette.

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Lisa Ling on Faith

Tuesday, 03.1.2011


Got to chat with Lisa Ling awhile ago about her new show, Our America. Some point in our conversation, we started getting deep. I had heard her speak on another show about how her new series deals a lot with faith–mainly her own exploration of it. That fascinated me–a journalist willing to explore something so not factually based, so often-divided, so often taboo to explore. (Though I suppose taboo is Ms. Ling’s favorite type of subjects to explore.)

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Audrey Magazine Spring ’11 | Olivia Munn

Thursday, 02.17.2011

I’ve been sweating and slaving for the past couple of months but the second issue is finally going to print!

Ain’t it a beaut?

Funny gal Olivia Munn is rocking the Shirley Temple curls. Inside, Munn dishes on Chinese mothers (she has one!), dating celebs and her loyal fans.

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