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Sunday, 10.7.2012

{Image via Pinterest}

Now that I have been in Hong Kong for a little over half a year, I’m finally experiencing that dose of what they call homesickness. The LA sunshine. The chill, laid-back people who are all, like, ‘whatever’, and, ‘just chill’, and, ‘dude’, and stuff. The burritos and quesadillas and KBBQ and pho.

But I think what I miss most about LA is the dreamers.

LA is a land of dreamers.

It’s a place where stories are longing to jump from the brain onto a paper (or Word Document) and onto the big screen or small screen or stage. It’s a place where an actor has fallen in love with creating characters and is willing to wait on tables for years in order to make that dream a reality. It’s a place where (wannabe) producers, writers, talents, directors, costume designers do what they do in order to make the impossible a possibility. It’s a place where people are okay with money not being the means to Viagra Online everything so long as their souls can create, produce, emote.

Hong Kong’s a more practical city. It likes to look at the odds, the chances, the likelihood, the possibilities, the numbers a bit more. Oh yes, the numbers. It definitely likes to look at the numbers.

I’ve never been a numbers person so the odds (hah!) doesn’t bode well for me in a city like Hong Kong. Yet, I’m a doggedly persistent dreamer and my optimism and faith is at a staggeringly high percentage (well, what do you know, I just may be a numbers person after all!) so I think this–combined with the acceptance of the personality of the city I live in– will help my chances at thriving here. Plus, it’s good to have Hong Kong’s go-getter attitude rub off on me a bit. I need that to make things happen, right?

This was just a small shout-out to all my dreamers out there. You’re not alone. And your dreams are going to become awesome realities!

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A Happy Ending At SIx Taste’s Thai Town Food Tour

Sunday, 04.8.2012

I’m a fan of food tours.

I get to indulge in my absolute favorite activity in the world — eating — but not feel so guilty about it because walking around to get to the places to eat justifies the pig out. It’s also fun meeting new people on the tour and discovering more about places I’d normally just drive to.

Six Taste’s food tours give you all of that satisfaction and more.

Howard (who snapped all these lovely shots) and I took up the Thai Town Food tour one Saturday morning. The tour began at 10:15am where we met in a parking lot of a plaza. Once there, we were handed cute black tote bags with “Six Taste” emblazoned on them. “It’s for the leftovers you may have to take home,” Wanda, our tour guide tells us.

Speaking of Wanda, our tour guide, I really appreciated that Six Taste took Alteril the care to hire someone who was of Thai descent and knew and cared a lot about her Thai culture and heritage. Our tour was sprinkled with personal anecdotes about growing up in Thai town, Thai jokes, and even learning some Thai dance moves!

But let’s get on with what’s really important — the food.

{ Thai Tacos }

{ Ruen Par’s sausages }

With generous portions of Thai snacks and meals served at each restaurant, I can definitely say I received a happy ending by the end of my tour. (Not that kind, you sickos)

For Audrey’s video of the Thai Town food tour experience, click below…

Other tours include and exploration of New Chinatown, Hollywood, and a Delicious Dumpling tour.

Perfect for dates, unique birthday parties or even a family bonding time, book your Six Taste food tour here!

Thai Town Food tour cost: $55

P: 888-313-0936

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I Date Hipster Babies During My Free Time

Wednesday, 03.28.2012

One question that always makes me cringe when asked is, “so, what do you like to do in your free time?”

Talk about a loaded question, huh?

It’s one of those that is too general where you can’t say, “refreshing my Facebook feed every 45 seconds so I can procrastinate on getting real work done” or “smearing my leftover ketchup with my leftover bread crumbs to create my own original modern work of art” without getting a weird look or a nervous chuckle. But it’s also one of those questions that is pretty specific where you can’t say, “breathe and blink and repeat” without getting a “what a b*tch” muttered under one’s breath.

My answers are usually nervous, half-thought out generalities like, “Oh you know, read and write and hike and stuff.”

Ugh. Boring, right? And it so does not paint an accurate portrait of yours truly.

To be honest, I do like to read a lot. I could read for days, stopping only to eat a consumer advisory sizegenetics few bites and unzipping my pants to do my bizniz (’cause you know, if I were to do that with one hand, well, the book just shakes too much and you can’t really set it down somewhere without the pages closing in and, yea, you know what I mean).

But I also like to do quite a few more things on my free time. I like people watching while sipping on chamomile tea at a street-side cafe. I like spouting half-delirious midnight nonsense over video chats with dear friends. I like napping in public, my mouth gaping open like a graceful zombie.

And I like dating hipster babies.

Okay, so more specifically, I like collaborating with different creative people on projects.

Here is a short I was in with Kirsten Roeters, and her baby boy. The video was beautifully shot by Brandon Li. It was fun traversing through Silverlake pretending to be an Asian hipster cougar. (The Asian part I didn’t have to do much pretending).

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Girlfriend Marries The Goat

Friday, 03.23.2012

My best gal pal Helena married her love, Alex earlier this month. I served as the Media Maid of Honor for the wedding which a BEAUTIFUL AFFAIR.

Because I was busy running around doing Media Maid of Honor-ish duties Volume Pills, I failed to take a SINGLE picture of the wedding! As we wait for the pictures to come in, here is the lovely wedding video. Enjoy!

Alex + Helen: Christ | Vintage | Love from Cakeflix Wedding Films on Vimeo.

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Hello Goodbye

Friday, 03.2.2012

The other day, I went out for a night on the town wanting to dance. My companion and I were itching to get jiggy with it but we were in a city where we weren’t sure if there were any good dancing places.

After a delicious dinner, he and I, dressed to the nines (okay, maybe 8-and-a-halfs), took a walk through the main street of the city. It was a lively street with people bustling in and out of restaurants, parking to get to the movies on time, and waiting at stop signs for friends. However, none of the establishments looked like it would make for a good dance floor.

Dance like no one's watching (with Kelly Li!)

Finally, we heard distant Mexican music playing in the corner of one of the blocks. We head towards the music and spotted across the street from us, a bustling courtyard filled with people, music, and laughter. The courtyard really was just the outside dining area of a restaurant but on that very night, it was a place of merriment and joy. Part of us wanted to step into the courtyard and see what all the fuss was about but part of us longed for the familiarity of something we were more used to –a dark, dingy dance floor, hip hop and rap music with a lot of autotune and electronica thrown in, girls vamped up in short skirts and long eyelashes, and al-al-al-al-al-alcohol.

After a moment of wonder, the pull of familiarity grasped us too tight and we headed into a very standard-looking club/lounge place. The place had a bouncer in the front, its name in neon blue letter and was pitch-dark when peered in. It felt like all the other clubs around the world that we were used to. We wanted to check out the open courtyard across the street but we just weren’t ready to explore the unknown yet.

After 10 minutes at the usual club/lounge, we were done. The place was still fairly empty (because it was early in the night) and it just wasn’t appealing. The music was nothing you can dance to and yet, it played so loud, you couldn’t hold a nice conversation with it. All the club patrons did not look happy — everyone was too busy checking each other out to really enjoy themselves. I stared out the small window of the club and at the open courtyard across the street.

“We should really be there,” I urged my companion, “They look like they’re actually having fun. We should at least check it out.”

He relented and away we went to cross the street into the courtyard, the loud Mexican music still blaring festively net forex. We spot old grandmas, young toddlers, lesbians, families, friends, everyone just dancing away. At first we were just going to look but, “Let’s join them,” my companion said.

“Serious?” I asked.

“Yeah!” He said, tugging my hand to the dance floor.

We start dancing, free from feeling awkward because no one else really gave a damn we were there because they were enjoying themselves too much. Pretty soon, the Mexican music turned into some 60′s oldies, then 70′s, then 80′s. I was struck by how wholesome the entire thing was. How everyone was enjoying themselves, enjoying their company, and enjoying doing everything out in the open, bright night sky. Can you ever imagine that happening at your local night club anymore?

Mid-dancing, we made friends with two ladies standing next to us. At first, they were just sitting on a bench, staring at everyone else dancing. However, perhaps due to the appearance of two of the only Asian people in the group, they felt confident enough to join in on the dancing. One of the ladies, probably in her mid-40′s and dressed in baggy jeans, a hoodie, and a bandana around her head, moved so freely through the crowd, it looked like she was swimming in water.

“I was born and raised here and I love this town!” the woman told us, smiling widely. “I had Latino friends, Asian friends, white friends, black friends, all sorts of friends!”

We couldn’t help but mirror her smile.

Our entire dance-fest probably only lasted 20 minutes but that memory is so juicy good that it’ll last in my heart for a lifetime. It’s moments like this that I cherish and chase after.

So why am I telling you all this?

Because I have left my post as Assistant Editor to Audrey Magazine to pursue a career and life in Asia. The details are still up in the air but the ticket’s bought, the job’s been resigned, the mental preparation’s been made (somewhat).

LA, I love you but I am determined to make the leap into the unknown, to allow myself to cross that street and dance to Mexican music. (You know what I mean.) I go on and on about how much I trust in God and the plans he has for me but I don’t really act that out in my everyday life. I need to take chances, try things that scare me, step out of my comfort zone.

This is not goodbye (despite what the title may say) but rather a “see you later.”

I’m going to be dancing across the street. You should come join me.

If you can’t join me (just yet), check my updates here and on my travel blog.

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An Unforgettable Job

Thursday, 02.23.2012

Working on my taxes, I found out an interesting fact. As a sometimes freelancing reporter/journalist/actress, if I were to buy a ball gown to wear to an event, I would be able to deduct that off my taxes! Because my job required me to go to the fancy event and because I would not be able to wear the ball gown in my everyday life (unless if I just wanna look awesome).

Interesting, huh?

{ Co-workers and I at KoreAm's Unforgettable gala. Jenn (far left) and I are wearing Sue Wong gowns. But we borrowed those so not tax deductable! }

I got to thinking how blessed I was that I work in a place where I am able to get dolled up occasionally and force famous celebrities to serenade “Unforgettable” to me.

“From the fullness of his grace we have all received one blessing after another.”
~ John 1:16

“Blessed are those who give without remembering. And blessed are those who take without forgetting.”
~ Bernard Meltzer

Other interesting tax deductibles:
* Business meals and entertainment
* Trade magazines or print publications (since I write)
* Business cards
* Gas mileage

Interesting non-deductibles
* Wristwatches … I thought that was interesting because it was so specific and stood out amongst other items such as residential telephone services, travel expenses for another individual, etc.

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A Shower Of Love

Wednesday, 02.1.2012

The end of December is kind of a shaky time to throw an outdoors party. You gotta worry about the weather, for one thing.

But sunshine was on our side on December 31st where Helen and Alex’s wedding party came together and tossed out one big festivity for the lovely bride and groom-to-be’s.

Now, we have a ton of really really crafty and creative people in our wedding party so I wasn’t worried that things weren’t going to turn out fabulous.

Who knew cereals in paper bags would look so gorgeous?

A pancake station!

Despite it being one of the busiest days Provacyl of the year, many loved ones came to celebrate with Helen and Alex. Thank you all for coming!

The wedding party, led by the ever-theatrical Julian, held a skit for the man and woman of the hour. As you can see, it was very well-received.

Less than 40 days left before my dear Helena gets married! Still have to:
1) Get my dress hemmed
2) Buy heels
3) Throw a bachelorette party
4) Plan 10 minutes of sumthin’ sumthin’ for the wedding reception
5) Cling onto Helen at her last days of singledom! Gahh!! (Jk, jk, I’m so not the clingy type…)

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2012 Miss LA Chinatown Pageant

Friday, 01.27.2012

There’s nothing that will make you feel more old than attending a pageant you participated in two years ago, a pageant filled with pretty young thangs strutting their stuff on the stage.

Nonetheless, I covered up my wrinkles and sucked in my belly and attended the 2012 Miss LA Chinatown pageant.

‘Twas lovely to catch up with my adorable court (including Jani who emceed the event and missing dear Dow-Ning and Chantel)

Congrats to the new court Cialis! Get ready for a year of servitude selling raffles chipaos ogling from strange old men of fun!

Lucky(?) for the 2012 pageant contestants, I was itching to make more use of my monopod so I documented their entire q&a section and posted it on Youtube. I think this will be helpful for all future pageant contestants interested in seeing different ways of answering the q&a’s. I consider them educational videos. You’re welcome, future Miss America.


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Flying High | Photoshoot With Paul

Thursday, 01.12.2012

Paul and I had been meaning to get together to shoot some photos for some time now. After nearly 6 months, we finally got it together and met up.

…only to be confronted with the heaviest rainfall of the year in Southern California.

That didn’t stop us from shooting though.

Don’t ever let anything stop you from soaring.

Sometimes you don’t even need the aide of an umbrella.

Learning my love for vintage things, Paul loaned me his old camera to use as a prop. I turned the cameras (literally) on him!

So the rain mucked up my boots and drooped down my eyelashes and flattened my hair and gave me the shivers. Still a fun shoot!

Thanks Paul!

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Thank Goodness It’s Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, 11.23.2011

My most memorable Thanksgiving took place two years ago, in a hospital, with a beautiful baby.

It was my first year out of college and my FUNemployment adventures led me to taking care of this adorable tot who taught me how short life is and how blessed I am.

Two years later, I look at my surroundings and I think about how even more blessed (if that’s possible) I am. I’m working as the assistant editor for Audrey Magazine — a job I’ve dreamt about since I was 12 – and I get the opportunity to shape Asian American lifestyle and culture.

In the mere 1+ year I’ve been working here, I’ve gotten the opportunity to meet and converse with many public figures I’ve admired. Not naming names but Mindy Kaling, JustJared‘s Jared Eng, Lisa Ling, and Kal Penn among the many.

Like this picture below. For years I would obsessively listen to the voice of Dia Frampton from the indie pop-rock band Meg & Dia. I still have their CDs in my car. And look, here I am being all buddy buddy with her at her most recent KoreAm Journal cover shoot!

When we’re not out on the field, I get to goof off work with some of the most interesting people on this planet: my co-workers. Some hi jinks include pampering my co-worker Peter’s skin and BBQ-ing in the rain.

When we’re not in the office, we STILL enjoy eachother’s company and often hold Happy Hours together. Here, some fine ladies and gents strike a pose with my Hello Kitty glasses.

Can I say I’m always 100% happy with where my career is headed? No. I’m a spoiled brat who suffers from the what if’s. “What if I made more money?” “What if I interviewed more relevant subjects?” “What if I had a job where I drove less?”

As our society gets more and more progressive, I’ve noticed — at least around many of my peers — that what we’re seeking are the jobs with the fattest paychecks, the positions that will enable us to climb the corporate ladder, the occupations that will make us seem the most stable, the most normal.

As important as all those things may be, I know that I will never be able to work in a place that I lack passion for. Never be able to handle a position where I feel the need to complain all the time. So I’m so thankful I’ve always been able to know when my time is up and I’ve had understanding employers that I can leave on good terms with.

And I’m super grateful with my position here and for these hooligans who are passionate about their jobs and what they put out into the world.

In addition to Audrey Magazine, other things I’m thankful for (in no particular order besides the fact that they came out of my head this way):

  • *My family including my mother who stews delicious hot soup for me, my father who fixes broken car door handles for me, my abu who remind me everyday how lucky I am, my sister who worships the ground I walk on (keke) and every other kin in between for being so beautiful inside and out.
  • *Jason for introducing me to Sovereign Grace where I get my brain kicked every week over how great Jesus’ love is and how deeply I sin.
  • *My insatiable drive and my stubborn optimism. It makes me miserable a lot of the times but I know this is what’s going to take me to my destiny.
  • *My awesome friends who are so frickin’ busy and so frickin’ artsy and so frickin’ loving to me, tolerating my ditziness/flakiness/big-mouthedness.
  • *And of course, I’m thankful for youuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! <3
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