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My Short Arboretum Trip

Friday, 12.23.2011

One of the best parts of the holidays (and there are so many, aren’t there) is the time I get to spend with my family.

On a regular basis, I generally already spend a fair amount of time with my folks but it’s usually hanging around the house or trips to the mall or getting groceries or something. It’s not…quality time, I should say. But it is something I’m working on.

I was determined to get my parents and grandma out of that lovely round kitchen table they usually sit at for most of the day and into the sunlight to soak up some Vitamin D so I made plans to take them to the arboretum.

My family, in our usual fashion, lagged and hemmed and hawed and stalled and reconsidered but I was adamant to get them out of the house this particular afternoon.

I daresay our trip to the Fullerton arboretum was a success and that they even enjoyed themselves (a little sunlight can do that to ya). But why don’t you decide for yourself in the video below? Check it:

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When Trees Attack

Thursday, 12.8.2011

In Southern California, we’re not known for crazy weather.

But as the winds from a week ago can attest, mother nature is one ferocious beast.

I made a video about my reaction to the winds.

By the way, is it vblog or vlog? I never knew the difference.

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Motivational Monday: My Grandparents

Monday, 12.20.2010

Things have been hectic in my life, family at the forefront of the storm. But God’s love still shines through in each and every single moment.

Please pray for my family and my grandfather at this time. Pray for mercy, pray for peace, pray for hearts to be lifted and eyes to be opened, pray for revelation of what this life is all about.

I thank you in advance in keeping my family in your hearts. Have a blessed Monday and a great holiday.

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Thank You (In Video Form)

Friday, 11.12.2010

I’m so appreciative by all your support that I couldn’t keep my mouth shut – I had to make a vlog for you. (And for me, just a little bit.)

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