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My Adventure Traveling to the LA Travel+Adventure Show (aka Homemade Handstamped Business Cards Tutorial)

Tuesday, 01.24.2012

I had been driving past this billboard everyday on my way to work.

The words, “travel” and “adventure” called out to me. I like traveling and I like adventure.

Finally I read what the billboard was and turns out it was for a TRAVEL + ADVENTURE show that was coming to LA. In a week!

On a whim, I decided to buy tickets to the show to see what it’s about and to hopefully network my way into some press trips. I’d heard stories of a 12-year-old Steven Spielberg sneaking past the Universal lot in a suit and empty briefcase to watch movie shoots and of a 14-year-old Mila Kunis boldly exaggerating her age to land the part in “That 70s Show” and I wanted to do something bold and daring to chase my dreams! My travel blogger friend Brandon had wisely advised that this would be a good way to meet people so I decided I was going to go to the convention show by myself and introduce myself to all the booths, seeing if there were any that may want to invite me out on press trips and in return, I will write and vblog about it. Watch out, Samantha Brown, I’m coming for your job! (Actually, I would never want to take her job, I think she does a very fine…job… of it.)

First up, I needed some business cards. Being on a budget and time crunch, I looked up some nifty how-to guides on making homemade business cards out of handstamps.

All you need is a $40 kit from Staples. (This was generously borrowed from my dear chum, Helen)

I was planning on buying some pretty business card papers from which to stamp my info on but my mom had some leftover cards from back when she made her own business cards and…who can say no to free paper?

After spending over an hour sticking the letters I needed onto the stamp (I have fat fingers), I ended up with a fine, simple collection of cards to hand out!

I then stuck the cards into a professional-looking business card holder and was ready to werk it at the convention!

The cards were passed onto quite a few booths and I’m hoping some of the trips will take place.

Nonetheless, gonna pat myself on the back anyway for trying something out of the ordinary in order to attempt to get closer to my dreams. Hope you will all be inspired to do the same as well!

After attending the event, for which Samantha Brown was a guest speaker, I became even more of a fan of the blonde travel host. I can see why she is so good at her job. She’s lovable and charming, oozes humility and can describe the heck out of a room. Inspired! (with a hint of a girl-crush)

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Buffing It Out At The Wi Spa

Tuesday, 10.18.2011

“I’m a dirty, dirty girl.”

I thought this to myself as I watched flecks of my own skin roll off my arms and legs.

I’m at Wi Spa, getting the ultimate Korean Spa treatment. Have you heard of it? Are you ready to hear about it?

‘Cause it can sound like a porno film.

{ Chicken pic thanks to }

Or a cooking show on how to boil a chicken (I’ll explain later).

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Doing Nothing

Tuesday, 10.4.2011

I am not a big fan of doing nothing. I always feel like I’m wasting time when I have a couple of hours free. I feel like I should be doing something.

But today, circumstances (of the physically ill kind) forced me into doing nothing all day.

Well, not nothing. I did catch up on How I Met Your Mother (how did I not know they already started showing new episodes a month ago?) and various other television shows. I took a much-needed afternoon nap to get over my fever. I chit-chatted with my camera and my lovely family overseas. That’s quite a lot now that I think about it.

When you do nothing for one day, it makes you take a step back and think about how life is going on with or without you in the rat race. Yes, the dishes do need cleaning and the bills need to be paid and the meeting needs to be had but when you’re not there for a day, does it really matter that much?

Doing nothing is something to sing about.

Now I will sleep early and hopefully feel rejuvenated and refreshed for more work through the days!

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The Best Writing Advice Donald Miller Gave Me

Wednesday, 09.21.2011

It’s been a tad hard to get any writing done recently.

It’s because when I write, I write for me but I also write for you. I want my words to be of quality, of encouragement, of inspiration. When it’s not up to that standard, I feel hesitant to display it.

Glad to have read this bit of advice from the writer of one of my favorite books, “Blue Like Jazz’s” Donald Miller.

Donald shares,

“I’ve a shelf at home devoted to books about writing. I’d say I might even have two shelves devoted to those books now. I’ve read most of them and some are better than others. But the best writing advice I’ve ever received didn’t come from a book. It actually occurred to me one morning when I was lying in bed, not wanting to get up and do my job. Maybe it came from heaven, I don’t know. But the advice was this: Love your reader.

…These days, that’s about all that’s keeping me going. Just the thought that somebody out there might not leave their spouse, or quit on that book they’re writing, or change their career or find God. In all those books about writing filled with tips and tricks, I think loving the reader is the best motivator I’ve found. And it keeps the quality up, too. We do tend to put our best foot forward when we care about somebody.

So the next time you sit down to write a blog, just remember somebody is going to read it and be encouraged.”

Loving you guys and as always, thank you for reading.

(As a cop-out, I’ll be loading articles that I wrote for various publications for you to read from the past year. Stay tuned!)

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Audrey’s Fall Cover Gal | Jenna Ushkowitz

Monday, 08.8.2011

I love my job sometimes.

Sure, there’s plenty of sitting around at my desk, my shoulders strained so hard it feels like it’s going to cave in on me and exchanging frustrating emails with catty publicists who think they own the world but sometimes, there are magical moments where we’re creating art and telling stories.

Like Audrey Mag‘s fall cover shoot with Jenna Ushkowitz. (Shown here getting all dolled up for the shoot.)

We placed Jenna in the middle of Park Plaza, in all its old Hollywood glam, dolled her up in sleek evening gowns and pearls where Diana took dreamy shots of her.

Check out the behind-the-scenes coverage and interview we got, with the help of Asian American entertainment network MYX TV. You’ll get the inside scoop on Jenna’s make-out sessions with Harry Shum, Jr. and her favorite Glee episodes.

I can’t wait to share the rest of our shots–and the magazine– with you! Audrey Magazine Fall 2011 issue hits stands early September. Purchase your copy here.

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Paramount Studios

Saturday, 03.19.2011

I visited the set of Paramount lot the other day with Caroline. Can you guess which show we were visiting?

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I’m A Hustler, Baby

Saturday, 10.2.2010

When people ask me how I’ve been these days, I always respond that I’ve been hustlin’.  Then, I realized that I’m not even really aware of what this word hustlin’ means.  So I looked it up. Good old Urban Dictionary got my back, yO

Hustlin: Havin the ambition and drive to do everything and anything to make mad money. See hustler… Also a term used for “tryin to obtain sum booty”.

Err… not quite what I’m doing. How about the next definition?

Hustlin: hustlin’s doin whatever you gotta do to get that paper.

Okay, so I think that these days, the term hustling should be expanded. I think if you replace “money” and “paper” in those definitions with “dream,” it would be a more accurate description of what I see my friends and cousins and sister, even my dad, and I going about doing everyday.  Yes, we are still trying to make a living, but doing it the way we want to live. We’re hustling to make our dreams come true. Working hard 24/7 to do it. We don’t have everything mapped out because in this day and age, there is no clear path to get you to where you want to go. And anyway, where do you want to go?  Best to go with the flow. But keep an itinerary in mind. But stop and smell the roses. You catch my drift? (It doesn’t smell like roses, huh?)

I don’t know how everybody else is going about it, but here are snapshots of my hustle:

I spend a lot of time on my computer. I don’t usually look this clean doing it (this was for a photoshoot) but I do have to stare at my macbook a lot.  I wish I didn’t spend as much time as I do on Facebook or G-chat or Twitter or Google Reader. They give me a headache.


Pop Stars, Pop Tarts

Sunday, 09.26.2010

I’ve talked about  Joseph Vincent before, haven’t I? Amazingly talented acoustic artist who went on Ellen and won a bunch of money?

Picture courtesy of the talented Carmen Chan

Decided to talk to Joseph a bit more for Audrey Magazine, getting some insight into this budding heartthrob. My pal, Carmen provided the photos. The session wasn’t as awkward as the picture above would indicate.

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Totally Getting Paid To Do This Right Now

Friday, 09.24.2010

Howdy. I’m at BLANKSPACES here, a rent-an-office-space-for-a-day/month/week/whenever spot. I’m doing a photoshoot for them where I basically “act” like I’m working on a laptop. So yep, here I am, getting paid to blog this.

Life is-God is- too good to me.

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